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I got into my cab which was parked close to my apartment and the driver was not in the best of the mood that day with oil prices soaring and the struggle for diesel in the gas-station.

The couple of days in Chennai has lead to the nightmarish situation for everyone especially the drivers, who had to wait long hours in the queue, wait for ages without knowing whether they'll really get a chance or not.

We started our journey to office and the travel usually takes 30-40.mins. The driver was honking continously and was trying to overtake everyone on the road.

The conversation started with oil price and the lack of Diesel supply to the petrol bunks in Chennai. The story took curve to international oil price, then to international trade, Cultural relationships, N-Deal, America, Terrorism and finally how we Indians are being brain drained, being led away by both technology and terrorism etc.

I was awestuck to see the national fervour in that guy who had abundance of knowledge and had some good ideas too. I hoped if this guys is given a chance, he will surely change things....

After long talks... he summed up his talk with a questions to me... He said... "Sir, What happens if the jobs are taken away by other country?,
Sir, What happen tomorrow when we don't get food to eat as we are drying up all the agricultural fields to big buildings in name of IT park?

He said, "Sir, We need to think of the next generations, else in the wake of making money, we'll kill them making them eat the currency and not food"....

All the day... and still now I'm thinking about as an Individual what I can do to change things...


From India, Madras
I would like to add one more thing that our beloved earth is also refusing to give us the products it has in it. we used to have two crops in a year before the invention of Ueria as suppliment to the crops. If we think that we can do 08 hours daily and can live upto 60 years of age what would be the age if we work for 16 hours a day. what would be the result of earth if we take 04 crops in a year (each after three months which was formely taken as twoice of once a year.) what if mother earth refuses to give corp for the human being. What would be food for human animal and other living species on te earth.
Do think for the questions I have asked.
Think of tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

From Pakistan, Karachi
there is no awareness, just we live for today.We are not bothered about our future generations.Atleast from this HR cite we will try to bring some awareness to people (atleast among us).

From India, Madras
I was also thinking of this when i read a report of how india is using its agri land for IT and SEZ and then we shout the prices of commodities are going up..we should act sensibly now else we will end up with money and not food.

There is an article in kumudam (tamil magazine) this week.
It talks about a shipload of garbage including medical wastes that are
now in containers in a ship berthed near Tuticorin. These are from USA
and imported by a well known Indian company to be dumped in
Coimbatore district inside unused agricultural wells.
Third work countries do not know how to handle the wastes generated by their
population. In addition they are the dumping ground for developed nations!

A true story depicting the sorry state of affairs in India. If the so called intelligentia including we all think how an ordinary cab driver thinks, things would change.
As individuals we can pool our thoughts and resources to atleast bring awareness about the happenings today and let us start this with your thought provoking story
I fervently appeal to all contributors of this site to think about this and start contributing that includes me also

From India, Delhi
We all talk and no one come forward to bell the cat(including my self),When we think of next generation , it really hurts.Next generation, may not have the chance of seeing hills,forests, agriculture fields(as these are being slowly converted to Buildings, SEZ,etc).We are going to kill them making them eat the currency and not food".....Some revolution must come.When????
From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Jayaraman M.B
I am totally agree with u. Cant think of the generation without food.
Any way I need some help from u if some people have problem with behavioural attitude what they need to do to rectify that. Its me who get very rude at times, having problem in cooperating with large group. I joined in an organisation after a 2 yrs of gap and I am finding myself unable to behave like them. sometime I get too moody, rude, happy, smiling, ordering etc etc.
Please suggest me to rectify that orelse I am going to spoil my career due to my mistake.
Thanks in advance

From India, Bangalore
Hello Jayaraman

Wonderful posting, it makes the person who is reading this to think for a moment what way I can contribute to change this situation. As he truly said “work can be diverted any day, because that’s business” and “we cannot eat money, which is true” SO WE ALL NEED TO THINK VERY OPENLY TOWARDS THIS PROBLEM

From India, Bangalore
yes whatever said is 100% right, but instead of putting our concern for the mother earth only in writing is not going to solve the issue, all of us should start taking initiatives and spread environment awareness to all the people around us and in our society, otherwise it is our children who will suffer the most.

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