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I have joined ina Ltd. co. recently with a basic salary of Rs5000/-. I want to know If ESI is applicale to me, and the ways where I can be Saved from ESI so that I can avail Medical Reimbursement Benefit from my Co.
Thanking You,
Vijay Sharma
From India, Calcutta
ESI is calculated on Gross Salary. If your gross salary is greater than Rs. 10,000, legally your employer must deduct ESI and add his contribution as well.
If you can mention your salary break up here, you might get an answer.
From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Vijay,
Upto salary 10K ESI is applicable. If your salary is 5K your ESI would be INR 325 per month (Your Contribution is 88 and ur Emplr. Contribution is 238). Now you can availed ESI facility from your employer.
From India, Calcutta
Don’t worry, ESI treatment is the best way, at the this time your salay under ESI act you can’t do anything. Thnks Manoj
From India, Delhi
Hey there,
As mentioned in the earlier posts, ESI is calculated on the total gross salary. You said that your basic salary is INR 5000, please note that apart from basic, in case there are some other components also in your salary, like HRA, Conveyance etc and the total is above INR 10000, then you are exempt from the scheme; else you may have to bea the same till your gross salary goes to INR 10000.
From India, Faridabad
Hi ,
if your gross is less then 10000 u come under the ESI scheme,any ways availing esi is gud it is not bad you will be getting gud treatment and if you want to go for any special hospital tell the doctor in ESI he will refer you there nad make use of the ESI.
From India, New Delhi
Dear Friends,
From the comments above I have observed that Law and Views are being mixed up quite often.When we are discussing law points we must be sure about the view expressed.
Here in this case,It has to be clarified that ESI Scheme is a Mandatory Scheme of the Govt of India and is a good Scheme. We should try to explore the benefits under the scheme.The Wage Ceiling as of now is Rs.15,000/- and not Rs.10,000/- as mentioned by some members. For a brief summary may visit www.wobeen.com
From India, Gurgaon

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