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If there is a false rating on performance appraisal, those who perform but are falsed under the NEED Improvement plan category, is it fair to be put on Performance Improvement Plan?
From Singapore, Singapore
the problem stated here is the person is falsed under the performance improvement plan but he doesnt suffer form poor performance, so action should be taken to make the performace mangement error free and make sure that the employees are properly appraised and catogorised.
let us what are the consequences the person will if he is false
1. his morale will reduce
2. he will feel that his performance is not recognized
3. his will be negatively reinforced.
4.finally his productivity will be decreased.
the chance are rare that he will take in a positive manner if he is put under the performance improvement plan....
hop i tried answering

From India, Coimbatore
Muhammad Abuissa

refer to the planned goals, and evaluate each goal utilizing the formula for each in the related KPI, and calculate the achievement...
if there is a behavioral competency profile, utilize it to judge the foundational skills and competencies.
and utilize a suitable weights for each goal, and other weights to have a total of 100% consist of both sides the Goals & Competencies.
for further information kindly feel free to send through email to
Eng. Muhammad Abuissa
Organization Development Professional

From Saudi Arabia, Khobar

A performance improvement plan (PIP), is a documented performance improvement tool used by the employer to outline the areas of improvements required for the employees who do not meet the performance expectations of the organization.
The primary objective of a performance improvement plan (PIP) is to provide a framework to the employee on the lacking or deficient areas of their performance that need immediate actions for improvement.
The employee needs to adhere to the Performance improvement plan to get clarity on their actual performances and the expected performances set by the employers. It also provides support and assistance in getting the performance standards achieved by the employee which further fosters employee connection with the organization.

From India, Thane
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