Anshu the sunray

Hi All, Before the Diwali holidays begin, our Management wants to organize a full day Diwali celebrations at our workplace. It will be really helpful if you can pour in some ideas how the celebrations can be planned. Our office has an employee strength of 20 people, mainly comprising of men and in the age group of 20 to 25.
Also any suggestions on Diwali gifts that can be given to employees will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance!

From India, Delhi

Dear Anshu ,
You can plan the Gifts and other memento's to greet your employees on Diwali .
Market is flurished with good Candles and Diya's and SHUBH & LABH momento's they are cost effective as well and represent the festival symbol .

From India, Mumbai
Anshu the sunray

Dear Richa
After reading your post I think we can also gift small idols of lakshmi-ganesh. Thanks for sparking the creativity!
But how to celebrate Diwali in office? Awaiting response from other creative HR professionals as well.

From India, Delhi

Dear Anshu,

First of all it feels really great to see your post.

I am also associated with the company in Adminsitration,so I often arrange these kind of get together.Hare are some suggestions for your company:-

1)First of all finalise the timing of the party and accordingly arrange some Hi-Tea,Lunch or dinner.

2)Make it mandatory for every employee to wear ethnic,I know most of them would not have it ,but if only 10 out of 20 will wear ethnic ,it will make a ambience cheerful and festive.

3)As per the budget decided u can then present a small gift to a person Best Dressed.

It will not only make that individual happy but also motivate the other employees to do the same next time.

3)Light some candles and decorate the limited area with garlands or flowers.

4)u may also conduct some light games like pillow passing,tambola,musical chair .

Anshu,I am heading towards diwali ,and we are going to rock ,Hope you can also do the same.

Try it,you all will love to do this kind of stuff.


Have a rocking Diwali.

From India, Delhi

Diwali is an important festival for all employees irrespective of religions. Better gift some useful momentoes which may be useful to their households rather than some celebs. Pon
From India, Lucknow
HR Nisha

Dear Anshu,
I'm totally agree with Pon, gift some useful things to your employees rather than giving some momentoes or something else. You mentioned that employees are in the age between 20-25 that means they all are bachelors. Give some gifts which is uses in bachelor's life.
You can also arrange a good lunch or dinner to your employees, whether you can order it at your office or can go outside.
But all of the above, you also have to keep iin mind the Budget of the company, it should not be exceed.
I'm attaching some ideas for diwali gifts.
Hope it'll work for you.
Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
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Hi anshu,
Along with the other ideas posted here...Diwali is celebrated in rememberance of the victory over evil.
So at the end of the party you can ask your employees to convey every employee to mention their resolution to eliminate bad things/negative things in their lives.for eg: If a employee is short tempered means that is his negative thing.he can eliminate that so that he cherish in his this...You can ask them to tell their ideas one by one or you can ask them to write it down in chits,shuffle it and ask one one person to read it....

From India, Madras

Dear Anshu,
The way you treat and greet is the way you like each other. Give a small silver coin of ganesha and a luncheon on the last day of work, which will prove good for U, company and employee. (Within your budget) All the best wish you a very happy diwali.

From India, Madras
Anshu the sunray

@ Ankita : Thank you so much for your innovative ideas. Your post shows that you do organize a lot of events at your workplace. I very much liked the idea of "Best Dressed Employee". That even got me fantasizing, will I get that award??? And I feel playing game like Tambola will not only flow in moolah for players but also guarantee a lot of fun...Thanks once again.

@pon1965: I am in complete agreement with that, but deciding a useful thing for bachelor guys is what gets my head spinning. My sole concern is that they shouldn't condemn what little gift the management gives them. That's why I came up with the idea of giving idols because that is something nobody can condemn for religious reasons. I will be glad if you can suggest some particular money-saving gifts that the bachelor guys might like.

@ HR Nisha: I wholeheartedly appreciate the extra efforts you made for making that list of gifts. Thank you so much. I liked the idea of gifting a pen drive because that's what most of the tech-guys like. Let's see if I can get an approval form the management for that. We are surely organizing tea and lunch in the office because that will spread the scent of festival inside the office. And yes I will keep the budget in mind. Even if I don't, the Management definitely will ;)

@ ksumanair: That was such an introspecting idea. There couldn't be a way better to call the day. I will go by asking the employees to write the evil in them in a chit and shuffle it in a box. And like you said, one person can read it. That way none of the employees will be highlighted about his/her weakness and will carry back a message from the celebration. Thanks once again!

@ sekhars111: Thanks for your post but silver coin is something that will fall off from our budget. But yeah luncheon is definitely on the list.

Once again, thanks to you all for helping an amateur HR professional like me. I would like to add that I am thinking to do a small Pooja at the start of the day.

Any more ideas/suggestions will be welcomed.


From India, Delhi

Hiii Anshu !!!
On 18/Oct/11 i.e. Yesterday we have celebrated Diwali in our organization.Even our's is a small one with staff of just 20.
I am working as HR Exec. here ,so I will share my experience with u.
Following events we have conducted
1.... Traditional outfits was compulsory for all.
2.... Two Games we have played i.e "Dumb Charades" & "Stamp on the Numbers".
3.... Rangoli competition with a corporate related theme.
4.... Prize distribution & gifts giving ceremony.
5.... Finally ended the Dhamaka with snacks party.
And for the complete celebration we have spent Rs.3000 Only.The amount to be spent depends on the type of Diwali gift you are giving to the employees. We have given Cadbury celebration to all the employees.

And today I have taken the review of all the employees, so chorus voice came .....YESTERDAY WE ENJOYED A LOT !! FUN Na..[/COLOR]
Best Regards
Lipika verma

From India, Mumbai
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