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Priya George

Dear all, I am here to request you all to share your last interview experience. I mean you as an INTERVIEWEE. It would be of great help in my interview preparation, if you can share the questions that you faced during the interview. So that I can anticipate few questions and prepare my answer for that. I humbly request all of you to share your experience. It would be of great help.
Thanks and Regards.

From India, Bengaluru

You can use the search box at the top of the page to find relevant information regarding interview experiences. Many members have posted this sort of information in the past.

However, the bulk of your preparation is down to YOU. None of us have been interviewed by the person who is going to interview you, so we have no idea what you will face. All of our experience is different.

There is only three things you need to to be successful in interviews. Simply put, they are Preparation, Preparation and Preparation.

You need to read the Job Description and the Person Description carefully and then work out from those documents the types of questions you may be asked. You can also work out questions based on the type of industry you work in. If you are going for a job in an area you are experienced in, you pretty much know what you are going to be asked in terms of technical knowledge for the field.

For the areas such as teamwork, problem solving, customer service, etc etc, look at your experience and prepare some STAR examples (Situation, Task, Action, Result) that will demonstrate your ability. Remember to focus on what YOU did, not the team as a whole. Employers are looking for YOUR skills and abilities.

One other point, when interviewers wander off track into irrelevancies, politely bring the focus back to you and what you can bring to the company based on what they are looking for. Keep emphasing your skills and how you will be able to help the company meet its objectives. Do some research on the company so that you know what they want to achieve.

From Australia, Melbourne
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