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Hi, I am Looking for a Probation evaluation form for Junior, Mid and senior-level employees (Sales employees). Preferably from the Building material industry. Regards, Kapil Jinturkar
From India, Madras

Hi Kapil,
reating a probation evaluation form tailored to the Building Material industry for Junior, Mid, and Senior-level Sales employees requires a detailed understanding of the industry and the specific skills and traits you value. Below is a sample probation evaluation form that you can use as a starting point. Make sure to customize it according to your company's needs and expectations:

Employee Probation Evaluation Form - Building Material Industry

Employee Information:

Date of Joining:
Probationary Period:

Start Date:
End Date:
Total Probationary Period (months):
Performance Evaluation:

1. Job Knowledge and Skills:

Junior Level:

Understands basic product knowledge.
Demonstrates ability to learn and apply sales techniques.
Mid Level:

Possesses a strong understanding of building materials and industry trends.
Demonstrates advanced sales skills and product knowledge.
Senior Level:

Has an in-depth knowledge of building materials and can provide expert advice.
Able to train and mentor junior team members.
2. Sales Performance:

Junior Level:

Meets basic sales targets.
Shows improvement in client interactions.
Mid Level:

Consistently meets or exceeds sales targets.
Builds and maintains strong client relationships.
Senior Level:

Exceeds sales targets consistently.
Plays a key role in strategic account management.
3. Communication Skills:

Junior Level:

Demonstrates effective communication with clients and team members.
Mid Level:

Communicates clearly and persuasively, adapting style to the audience.
Senior Level:

Exceptional communication skills, able to negotiate complex deals.
4. Team Collaboration:

Junior Level:

Collaborates well within the team.
Mid Level:

Actively contributes to team success.
Mentors junior team members.
Senior Level:

Effectively leads and collaborates with the sales team.
5. Adaptability:

Junior Level:

Shows willingness to learn and adapt to changes.
Mid Level:

Easily adapts to market changes and adjusts sales strategies accordingly.
Senior Level:

Proactively identifies industry trends and adapts the sales approach.
Overall Evaluation:

Confirm Regular Employment
Extend Probation Period
Terminate Employment
Additional Comments:

Evaluator's Signature:


To customize the form based on your company's specific expectations, values, and industry nuances. Regularly review and update the evaluation form to ensure it aligns with the evolving needs of your organization.

From India, Bangalore
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