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shruti bhumralkar
Dear all, Can any body give some guidelines of conducting on the job induction for one or two days in case of new recruit Regards Shruti
From India
Jo Verde

Hi Shruti,

Not sure if this will help you but I am including an outline of what we include in our employee orientation book.This is meant as a guide for managers to use when inducting new employees and for each section there is an employee sign off form which indicates the manager has reviewed this with the employee. While this may not be what you would anticipate using it might give you some ideas on what you would want to include.

Good Luck.



All personal files held by the Employee Services Centre on behalf of for regular and temporary full-time or part-time employees paid through a company payroll.


Documents filed under indexes such as:


Contractual Changes



Personal Details

Issue Management, Leave and Sickness


Documents to be retained for the period of employment and 5 years post-termination :


CVs and application forms

Interview and assessment centre notes

New Hire form/details of current home address and next of kin

Original Offer letter & terms and conditions of employment

Relocation offers

Official Secrets Act forms

Confidential agreements

Contractual Changes

Contractual shift changes & changes to hours of work

Previous employment records;

acquired companies/cross border transfers

Working time directive records including opt-out forms

Addendums, changes or renewal of contract terms and conditions

(signed copies replace unsigned copies)

Personal schedules

Promotion & ad hoc salary increase letters (most recent)

Secondment authorization plus any travelling expenses agreements

Executive records

Expatriate Assignment/repatriation records

Internal transfer letters (signed copies to replace unsigned)

Where applicable for fair employment legislation

Internal application forms

Internal offer letter checklists

Job descriptions


Red-circled benefit details

Pension Plan application form

Company car personal undertaking

Company car applications/requisitions/personal undertaking/election or

change to cash option

Issue Management, Leave & Sickness

Issue Management documentation: disciplinary, grievance, capability, sickness absence and performance improvement plan paperwork

Unpaid and Compassionate leave requests

Time and attendance records (where applicable)

Medical reference form

Return to work medical information

Long-term sickness records

Personal Details

Further education authorizations/deductions & certificates

Mortgage and tenancy references given by Company

Personal data audits and change requests

Personal file requests


Resignation letters

Exit interview notes

Leavers form

Conflict of interest

Official Secrets Act forms

Other non-disclosure agreements

Previous redundancy or other termination monies paid

Current redundancy or other termination payments

Severance/Compromise agreements

To be kept for 5 years


To be kept for 2 years


Maternity details

Annual merit letters

PCFs (Personal change forms)

Holiday records where applicable

Other leave requests e.g. Career Break, Territorial Army etc.

To be kept for 12 months:


Offer letter checklist

Personal References

Application & changes to Health Plan

Stock Purchase Plan enrolments/changes and terminations

Travel supplements

Advance of salary requests

First Aider correspondence

Psychometric tests (Talent Management)

Self-certification forms (Occupational Health)

Medical pre-employment questionnaire

Interview expense claims

Department changes

Changes in reporting line

Incentive plan target details and letters

Details of awards e.g. PRIDE

Stock Option award letters

Supplementary pension details

Taxable benefit statements for year end

Company name change letters

Fire Warden correspondence

Ad hoc management correspondence

Employee IDs photos etc.

Authorization to take company property off site

Hope this helps you.

Jo Verde

JeMM Consultants

From Canada, Ottawa

Hi Shruti,

Jev has coverd some points.

Shruti, If you wanna conduct Induction for two days. You need to waste a lot of time of yours and candidate's. J/K.

Here are some tips...


The general things that would be done at Induction is,

handling the companie's policies book to the new joinee that also contains the information of all the leads of your organization, in the sense CEO, CCO, Directors and stuff and then Bank account forums filling and then Teneprorary ID card and then PF forms and stuff. If you can manage it would easily cover half of the day. and for the remaining part of that working day, Just take the employees to your cafeteria, GYM, Garden, SwimmingPool, play ground and show all the important chambers of the oprganization. Make sure that you spend atleast 10-15 minutes at each spot by explaining them about the rules and regulations fo the usage and the concerned authority to contact in case of any issue with food or GYM and stuff. This should pass out the first day successfully.


Now, it is your turn to Introduce the candidates to all the Heads of the organization like CEO, Managers of all the branches, project leads and the employees of the branch they are going to work. Tghis should take more than a half day, as you need to check whether the leads are free or not for introduction and then move to them for it. Make sure that you tell them in the morning it self that "Today we are going to meet all the Department heads of our organization". For the remaining part of the day, you wouldf make them free by conducting some indoor games like, "Dumsherars" or "First word in mind" and stuff.

So, here we are done with 2 successful days of induction.

Simpy speaking shruthi, it is all about Presence of mind :)

Hope it wotrks.



From Netherlands
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