Have some fun with this psychological assessment tool! You will need to enable "Macros" to use the tool fully.

I have always been fascinated by tools that provide insight to the way I interact, think, feel and work. One tool I have used is the "Locus of Control". Essentially the locus of control interprets whether you view life as something that happens to you regardless of your actions or whether it is something that you live and shape for yourself. If you find yourself at either end of this spectrum it probably signals an unhealthy view of your capacity to influence your own life and may manifest itself in dysfunctional thought and behaviours.

The Rotter Internal-External Control Scale provides a tool to make this assessment for yourself, and I have attached an Excel sreadsheet (of my own design) to allow you to use the tool and automatically calculate a score.

Be mindful of the fact that any assesment tool is only as good as the data you put in. Although this tool has been tested for statistical validity it will be affected by a whole range offactors, including your life circumstances at the time of completing the questionnaire and the passage of time.

I have had slight variatio in results each time I use it. Often I want to choose a specific option, but honesty requires me to choose the other! : ( Never mind. All part of the learning.

The Rotter Internal-External Control Scale is a quick, forced choice scale. Often there are shades of agreement. Try to plump for one or the other in general. It is an old scale, which has had great success over the years, despite its weaknesses. Many have tried to refine it, but without really that much increase in validity. It tends to yield quite high reliability and validity over time, but is less valid with children under about 8 to 9 years. (So much so that Nowicki and Stipek and Crandell and others (like Gammage) have designed specific scales for children). There is some suggestion that it is couched in the language of the 1960's and is very American; there is also the fact that the language is undoubtedly 'male' in some of its connotations. Nevertheless, it has stood the test of time, has generated vast amounts of research in personality and achievement and is undoubtedly useful at its extreme edges for diagnostic purposes (eg degree of neuroticism).


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