Hi friends, I have around 4+ years of experience in IT. Recently, I took a TCS interview on 20/04/2024, and the HR round happened on 24/04/2024. HR verbally confirmed that I was selected, and she released an offer breakup email to me on the same day, which I accepted. She said after the BGV, they will release the offer letter; itís been over a month now, and I still havenít received the official offer letter or joining date from TCS. I tried calling and emailing HR, but she has not responded. I even tried calling the recruiter, but there was no response from here either. By reading the FAQ in the portal, I even sent an email to; still, there was no response. Can anyone please tell me how long it will take TCS to release an offer letter for an experienced person?
From India, Chennai

Hi Manoj,
The delay in receiving an official offer letter from TCS can be frustrating, especially after having received a verbal confirmation and an offer breakup email. Here are a few insights and suggestions that might help you navigate this situation:

Typical Timeframes and Delays
Background Verification (BGV) Process: The Background Verification process can sometimes take longer than expected, depending on various factors such as the number of checks required, the responsiveness of previous employers, and the workload of the verification team. For experienced hires, this process can typically take anywhere from a few weeks to over a month.

Internal Processes:
Large organizations like TCS have multiple internal processes and approvals that might cause delays. This includes approval from various departments, finalization of the offer letter, and alignment of joining dates with project requirements.

Common Causes of Delays
Pending Verifications: If there are any issues or delays in your background verification, it can hold up the offer letter.
Internal Approval Delays:
Sometimes internal approvals can take longer, especially if there are changes in the organization or if there are higher-than-usual volumes of hiring.
HR Workload: HR teams can be overwhelmed with the volume of candidates they are handling, leading to delays in communication and processing.
Steps to Take
Follow Up Regularly: Continue to follow up with the HR representative and the recruiter. While itís important to be persistent, try to space out your follow-up emails and calls (e.g., once a week) to avoid appearing too aggressive.

If you do not get a response from the HR representative or recruiter, you can try to escalate the matter. Here are a few ways to escalate:

Higher Authority:
] Try to find contact details of a senior HR manager or the head of recruitment and send a polite email explaining your situation.
LinkedIn: You can also try reaching out to TCS HR professionals on LinkedIn for assistance.
Employee Referral:
If you know someone who is currently working at TCS, you can ask them to check the status of your offer letter internally.

Portal Messages
: If TCS has a candidate portal, check for any updates or messages there. Sometimes important notifications are posted on the portal.

Sample Follow-Up Email
Here's a sample follow-up email you could use to remind HR about your offer letter:

Copy code
Subject: Follow-Up on Offer Letter Status

Dear [HR's Name],

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to follow up on the status of my offer letter. I interviewed for the [Job Title] position and completed my HR round on 24/04/2024. I received verbal confirmation of my selection and accepted the offer breakup email on the same day.

However, I have not yet received the official offer letter or joining date. I understand that the Background Verification process may take some time, but it has been over a month now, and I am eager to understand the next steps and timeline.

Could you please provide me with an update on the status of my offer letter? If there are any issues or additional information required from my end, please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Contact Number]
[Your Email Address]
Alternative Actions
Keep Looking: Continue your job search while waiting for the offer letter. Itís important to keep your options open until you have a confirmed start date.
Network: Use professional networks to find out if there are any known delays or if other candidates are experiencing similar issues.
Delays in the hiring process can be common, but staying proactive and professional in your follow-ups will help ensure that you remain on top of the process.


From India, Bangalore
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