Hi, I have joined a small company in November 2013 as software engineer. The offer letter they provided does not have things like
1)Probation period.
2)notice period.
3)they just mentioned my salary per annum but did not mention the basic salary, gross salary etc.
We have no HR in our company.
And moreover my manager did not create a salary account, they don't give payslips, no identity card, does not pay salary on time.
Now if i want to resign from the current company what are best ways. I am asking this because my manager is making me do everything other than my job like paying the current bill, water bill etc. I am seriously frustrated with this kind of work. Please suggest me some ways so that i can go out properly and find a good job.
Thanks in advance.

From India, Bangalore

Dear Mr.Pavan,
I presume that you are an youngster and this is your first or second job. If it is so, I would suggest that you try to learn coping up with such situation and not switch over job immediately. Organisations are not 'bed of roses' any more. But at the same time,politely discuss with your Manager that your earnest expectations are a clear JD,pay slip,ID card etc. If things do not work, then you may decide otherwise. However you should plan for a 'graceful depart'.

From India, Chennai
Adoni Suguresh

Dear PavaN
Wait for some more time. If the things does not improve and then you can search for another job. Until and un less you have the alternate job in hand, it is not advisable to resign the present job and then for search or hunting for job. There will be more weight age for searching the jobs while you are on job so that you can negotiate otherwise it will be difficult for you to negotiate.
Adoni Suguresh
Sr.Executive (Pers, Admin & Ind.Rels) Rtd
Labour Law Consultant

From India, Bidar

Dear Pavan,
I think after almost 1 yr. you are realising the inadequacies of your career with this co. Going by your description I don't hope things will improve dramatically in the immediate near future. I do believe the best option available to you is to look for a better job in a better organisation as early as possible and quit by giving atleast one month notice. I think you are also in the same state of mind otherwise you wouldn't have raised this query here. And don't worry about relieving letter or experience cert. et al. After all you can't afford to include in your CV whatever you were doing like Elect.bill remitting and such things. And most importantly, try to improve your competitive know how which only is going to take to places & help you for the future and none else.

From India, Bangalore

All is in your hands.

Either bear your employer or just leave the organization.

At the end of the month, What matters is... salary.

So, Try to be polite and digest the facts that, Every organization pays only when they have works. Don't take very much personally to your heart about paying electricity bill. Just take it lite. Its just a matter of 5 minute time. I agree.. Why You Should Pay?... Leave that part from your end.

Just feel that you are helping your company by spending 1 hour of your time in paying electricity bill (because your company didn't lay off you due to no works, Still they are keeping you and giving you the salaries)..

Just think of many companies, Due to no reasons they are laying off!!! Just because of no projects or cost cutting!!!

Always you have another option. Update your resume, Tell the facts that you don't have offer letter, pay slip, ID card etc., Some organizations trusts this and digest the fact. But overall hard work matters!!!

Daily update your resume. Keep searching jobs like anything. You end up with interview calls. And finally one great day good offer rolls out.

Ensure that you are not looking for a great pay (first priority is to get rid of this job where there are no procedures in place).

Slow and steady wins the race.

From India, Bangalore
its really shocking to see almost every person say put up with it or quit with least amount of rubbing.
not one person has been able to tell that it is inappropriate of the organisation or try and speak it out.
well this English maibaap culture is nothing but social slave mentality.what is this nonsense of your service is one year, or you are helping the company.there is something call dignity of labor, there has be an organisational ethic and respect to person and position.
it may be ok to be of help but certainly not ok to ignore protocol.i notice gross employment rules violation and poor office documentation may sound practical to say put up till you find a alternative, but who is going to bell the cat.its time you seek time sit across the table and put your grievances in a polite manner. tell them where it hurts, the wait for the reply , sure enough its going to be dadagiri, leave the toxic job, you sure will feel better and get a job for your competance.

From India, Rajkot
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