I am presently pursuing my MBA and specializing in the field of Hr. I was keen to know the types of psychometric tools and other tests (e.g. paper-pencil tests etc.) that could be used while selecting a Branch Head in the banking and Insurance sectors. and if possible the reason for administering the particular tests.
Awaiting your response,

From India, Agartala

Hi Anu,

Unlike other tests which requires bookish knowledge, psychometric tests are designed to judge the mental stability of a person. It needs no preparation, and the candidate needs to have just a pencil or a pen.

It is just a pyshcology test which should be answered confidently and doesn't require any preparation.One must try being consistent while answering as the same questions could repeatedlybe asked in different forms. Questions should be objective - Yes/ No kind. Questions have to be in the range of 125 to 150.

I can give you a few examples of such questions:

First Type:

1. Are you sincere?

2. Do you go late to your office often?

3. Are you out-spoken?

4. If you find a purse on the road, would you return it to its rightfull owner?

5. Are you punctual in all matters?

6. If your boss makes a mistake, will you tell him in front of his face?

As you are recruiting managerial cadre, you can go in for the first time.

If you go through the above questions, a confident and mentally consistent person would have answered "Yes" for 1 & 4, if he is sincere.

It tests the confidence of a person, his memory and the way he reacts which is very important to an organisation.

If a person gets confused and give vague answers, you may decide that he should not be recruited.

Do get in touch if you need more info.



From India,
HI Hema
By looking at your answer psychometric test seems to be one of the important and interesting tool while selecting candidates. could you give me some more details and procedure, so that I can implement it in my company.
Soumya S Mule
Manger HR

From India, Bangalore

well i am doing my masters in organizational behaviour. Well being from psychology background ..i am quite acquainted with psychometric tests.
I was wondering if somebody can suggest ..what all set of aptitude should be evaluated before hiring a gradutate engineer?
Especially if anyone from software industry ..who conduct an aptitude test for engineers and if any sample test can be provided.
thnks a lot for yur support!

From India, Bangalore
Bob Gately

Why aptitude? I have an aptitude for many things that I do not enjoy doing. Our 40,000+ clients assess for thinking styles, occupational interests and job related behaviors but not aptitude.
From United States, Chelsea
Hello Mr Gately,
You mentioned your clients assessing the thinking styles, occupational interests and job related behaviors. but can u please elaborate on the various tools used by them to asses potential employees for the above parameters.... (eg:MBTI, 16PF,Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ),PA2000, behavioral interviews, inbasket techniques)

From India, Agartala
Bob Gately

Hello Anjali:

Please call me Bob, it saves keystrokes.

>... can u please elaborate on the various tools used by them to asses potential employees for the above parameters...<

Our clients may use several of our assessments but the best at predicting job success is the ProfileXT which has three sections;

A. Thinking Styles

B. Occupational Interests

C. Behavioral Traits.

and it creates 6 reports;

1 - Placement

2 - Coaching

3 - Individual

4 - Multi - Job Match

5 - Summary

6 - Summary Graph

Each section has numerous scales, see listing below.

A. Thinking Styles

- Learning index of expected learning, reasoning and problem solving potential.

- Verbal Skill...a measure of verbal skill through vocabulary.

- Verbal Reasoning...using words as a basis in reasoning and problem solving.

- Numerical Ability...a measure of numeric calculation ability.

- Numeric Reasoning...using numbers as a basis in reasoning and problem solving.

B. Occupational Interests

- Enterprising...indicated interest in occupations where they use persuasiveness and enjoy presenting plans.

- Financial/Administrative ... indicated interest in occupations that work with financial data, business systems, administrative procedures, etc.

- People Service ... indicated interest in occupations that help people and they are concerned with the welfare of others.

- Technical...indicated interest in occupations that center on scientific and technical activities, research and intellectual skills.

- Mechanical ... indicated interest in occupations that work with tools, equipment and machinery.

- Creative... indicated interest in occupations where they are imaginative, original and aesthetic.

C. Behavioral Traits

- Energy Level...tendency to display endurance and capacity for a fast pace.

- Assertiveness...tendency to take charge of people and situations. Leads more than follows.

- Sociability...tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented and participate with others.

- Manageability...tendency to follow policies, accept external controls and supervision and work within the rules.

- Attitude...tendency to have a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes.

- Decisiveness...uses available information to make decisions quickly.

- Accommodating...tendency to be friendly, cooperative, agreeable. to be a team person.

- Independence...tendency to be self-reliant, self-directed, to take independent action and make own decisions.

- Objective Judgement... the ability to think clearly and be objective in decision-making.

I hope this helps.

From United States, Chelsea
Hi Hema ,
The idea is awsome though it can be feasible way to access mental bent of mind when we recruit for higher positions , for higher profile candidate is expereinced and mature enough to answer and will answer in a this true mind set ....Whatever we acn actuelly can access some part of his working behavior .
Can you send me some sample Test and ur view on my id .
Will greatful to you .
Natasha Sharma
Human Resource


I have used the DISC (D.I.S.C.) model in the past. Very informative tool and highlights relationship and task behaviour very effectively. The DISC stands for;
D- Dominance
I - Influencer
S - Stabiliser (within a team)
C - Conscientious
The results were very useful personally as both an insight into my behaviours as well as how this affects my interactions with people who have different profiles.

From Australia, Ballarat

hey bob ,
U r post really helps to understand different parameters. how does one typically differentaite 'aptitude' as a seperate domain.
Moreover is there any particular test which can help to assess thinking styles of ProfileXT particularly?
thank again for d input :)

From India, Bangalore
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