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Prashant B Ingawale

Dear All,

The below information I got from Oriental Insurance Company.

Hope will help you all HR Professionals

Diffference between WC & PA is given :
  1. WC Policy is a Legal Liability Policy whereas in PA Policy certain Agreed Benefits are granted.
  2. W.C. Policy covers Legal Liability towards employees in case of death or injury sustained by them during the course of Employment.

    PA Policy covers Accidental bodily injuries resulting solely and directly from accident caused by EXTERNAL & VIOLENT means resulting into death or disablement any time during the period of Policy.
  3. In case of WC Policy amount of compensation depend on the nature of injury in case of injury cases. In case of Fatal accidents the compensation is worked out by taking the factors like Age and Income of the person Injured/died. Thus it varies from case to case.

    In PA Policy certain Agreed Benefits are given as per cover taken in the policy.
  4. If PA Policy is taken for higher Sum Insured, it may cover compensation payable as per WC Policy; if it is taken for lower Sum Insured, the Award under WC may be more than the cover taken under WC.

  1. The WC Policy covers occupational diseases that might be contracted by workers arising out of and in the course of employment (additional premium of 25%). PA Policy merely covers injury due to accidental external and violent means. The slow process of an occupational disease is totally outside the scope of the PA Cover..
  2. Premium rates under WC Policy depend on the nature of duties in which the workers are involved;
    whereas in PA Standard Rates are charged for all exceps for Persons working in underground mines, Explosives Magazines, Workers involved in electrical install-ation
    with high tension supply,'Jockeys, Circus personnels, persons e,pgagedin activities I,ikeracing on wheelsor horse back, big game hunting, Mountaineering, Winter sports, Sking, Ice hockey, Ballooning, Polo andpersons engage,d in occupations of similar hazard.
Benefits under ESI are as per WC Policy; whereas PA & Mediclaim policies cover benefits as per their standard terms and conditions.
PA Covers compensation against Accidental Injury or Death as agreed in the policy and
Mediclaim covers reimbursement against hospitalisation upto the limit covered under the policy.

From India, Pune

In our factory, we typically mandate for every contract workman entering the plant earning less than 15000 to have an ESI registration.
For contract workmen earning more than 15000, we simple ensure that they have some other medical insurance policy (generally coverage is 1 lakh mediclaim and upto 4 lakh for group accident policy). In this case, will we have any liability as Principal Employer in case an accident occurs inside the plant?

From India

Yes 4 lakh is not enough in case of death and Permenant disability.

As per WC Act for youngest employee with accurate calculation the compensation is Rs. 11,00,000 approximately.
Thus your PA cover shall be more than 11 lakh. Else simply take WC policy as it will also cover elements like heart attack in office, paralysis which will not be covered by PA policy. I sure on this but as it is sensitive issue will advise to talk to Lawyer and highly expert Insurance advisor.
Manoj Chaudhari

From India, Mumbai

Please guide me as to what is the procedure to take WC policy for contract workmen working at my plant. Is it possible to take a blanket unnamed policy to cover anyone who enters the plant?
From India

WC is un named Policy
Yes You can take WC unname policy.
Contact any Insurance Advisor for the same.
Give your details like wage and nauture of work, take 2- 3 quotations
pay the premium
Manoj Chaudhari

From India, Mumbai

I am slightly confused. Will the premium be paid by Principal Employer or Contractor?
He have small vendors providing manpower for temporary work (sometimes for just 2-3 hours) for temporary tasks, for instance to repair some furniture or some waterproofing work. In most cases, these people donot have PF ESI registration. How should we handle such cases.
Second question: In our company, all employees earning more than 15,000 are covered under Mediclaim Policy with coverage of 1.5 lakhs and Group Accident Policy with maximum coverage of upto 10.5 lakhs. But we have not taken WC policy. Does that mean that we'll be liable to pay for treatment in case any accident takes place within the company?

From India
Dear Sir,
I am working as a HR in an reputed underground mining contract company, we are dealing with different types of works on 24x7(3shift perday)and we are having different work orders for each work, for Ex; I have two work orders i.e X and Y, in X work order we are having 19persons and in Y work order we are having 5persons, now my question is
1.labor license applicable or not?
2.Reg WC policy:
as I mentioned above X company I have 19 members ,but we need only 5workers in each shift to carry on my work,now I want to take wc policy with basic of Rs.8000/- for 5persons and with Rs.2000/- basic wage for 14 members(Total 5+14=19) to reduce payable premium burden ,on my company, is it lea gel or not?

From India, Badli
Vinit Singh Tomar555
Sir, this is vinit singh tomar as i am working with Linkquest Telecom Limited., so just i need Pan India Minimum Wages 2016-17, if any den please share the same........
From India, Mumbai
Hi this is Shankar, in case of any requirement for insurance and understanding the policy or any other queries please drop me an email at
It's important to ensure that the workforce is adequately covered.

From India, New Delhi
Dear All,
In our factory in Gujarat, we have WC policy and also we cover employees with Mediclaim, PA and Term Life policies. These policies are better than WC policy coverage / benefits.
Is it mandatory to have WC policy even if better benefits are provided to employees?

From United States, Wickliffe
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