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Hii, I am an IT employee working in sales. I joined a startup in May of 2024. I was hired via 3rd party recruitment firm. They told me multiple times that my shift was from 5pm to 2am. But once I joined the office, I was asked to work 8pm to 5am. This is something that I did not want to do and when I informed the HR, she was told by her manager that I could either take the shift of leave. Another girl who was hired under same circumstance was offered the day shift role and when I asked if this is something I could do too I was told she is married and has in laws. If there is anyone who can advise me on how to handle this, I would appreciate it.
From India, Bengaluru
Also, I am the only female employee during the night shift. I do not feel safe
From India, Bengaluru
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

It is unprofessional not to fulfil the commitment given during the recruitment. However, you have been given a choice to continue the evening shift or quit. This choice is yours alone. We, the members of this forum, are outsiders and cannot comment on it.

Two factors drive people to take up employment. The first one is the realisation of one's intellectual worth. The second one is financial needs or domestic responsibilities. Perhaps, you come under the second category. Therefore, you need to decide how severe your financial needs are. If they are not severe, you may discontinue the job and look for another one.

However, is getting the job that easy? Before making the decision, please check the condition of the job market. It is shrinking. Second, every day of your employment adds value to your CV. You are acquiring experience day by day. If you have experience, then and then only you can crow about it in future. Otherwise, not!

Third, whatever the level of the job may be, it provides financial independence. But it comes at a price. Will you be able to have financial independence as much as being unemployed? Please deliberate.

The next thing to consider is your fear of being a lonely woman during the night shift. Your nightshift colleagues also have their family responsibilities, are driven by their career aspirations, and above all, are expected to be sensible enough to know the consequences of effrontery. Yes, a lonely woman during the night shift is expected to feel uneasy, however, you are working in Bengaluru which is famous for women's safety and not for the lascivious workplaces! Nevertheless, you may try finding a like-minded person with whom you can confide. Above all, workplaces provide a channel to vent one's feelings.

Lastly, your decision should also depend on the quality of the work environment. How is your manager? Does he or she demonstrate managerial qualities? Will you be able to imbibe those qualities by closely monitoring his or her actions? Please ponder.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Quit is only option left before you. In an employment HR gives rosy pictures in words but those are not countable. The conditions laid down in an appointment letter only have the legal sanctions. One needs to adjust & compromise with the situation instead of comparing with other employees. Continue, till you get the job of your choice. The working hours from 8.00pm to 5.00am is considerable good than of shift ends at 2 am for safety reasons, but everyone having own preference..
From India, Mumbai
ashok pal

Tough time comes in the life. Working hard in tough time gives great confidence and experience. When come out from tough time you feel light in your life. Great words by Mr.Dinesh Divekar "Second, every day of your employment adds value to your CV. You are acquiring experience day by day. If you have experience, then and then only you can crow about it in future. Otherwise, not!"

From India, Indore

Before coming to a conclusion pl.consider these aspects -
1) Will the 'wait & watch' for some time will solve your problem?
2) Do you like the job and will this experience provide ample opportunity to seek better job offers? Job satisfaction ?
3) What's your financial position, will you be in a position to bag an offer alternatively and how long will it take for you to be positioned in a better job of your choice ?
4) Did you sign any bond or given any written commitment for a minimum period of your service in the present job.
5) I may be wrong, but still I ask this. Considering the promised timing, you were planning for another commitment/job during the day time or planned to take up a course. That plan didn't work now, you are disappointed, is't true?
Answers to these might help you to find a solution/take a conscious decision. You are better judge.
All the best.

From India, Bangalore
mamta kumari

I would like to add my views.

-Due to unclear communication from the recruiter about the shift timing, You are facing problems. Now you approach the situation with understanding and a focus on resolution. We need to understand that different departments and roles might require varying degrees of flexibility, especially in a sales role where client interactions are paramount. In the sales department, shift timings are often determined by the geographical zones of our clients to ensure effective communication and service delivery.

-As you have already agreed to work the night shift from 8 PM to 5 AM, it is crucial to maintain flexibility in your approach. This flexibility is key to adapting to the dynamic nature of sales, where client needs and business demands can change frequently.

-Generating leads and meeting targets are vital aspects of your role, and once you start showing consistent performance, the company is likely to be more accommodating to your requests regarding shifts or other preferences.

-Consideration for Future Adjustments, While the company may consider your request for a change in shift timings, this will typically occur when it aligns with business needs and operational feasibility. Patience is essential as adjustments may take time, and the company must balance multiple factors to ensure overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

If the current shift timings and work environment are not meeting your needs, then explore other opportunities that might better align with your personal and professional preferences.

From India, Mumbai
Consider discussing this issue with a higher-level manager or seeking advice from a labor rights organization to understand your options and rights in this matter.
From Vietnam, Hanoi
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