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Hi guys, I just stumbled upon this community just today. I am in my worst phase, venting it out Help me out. Sorry for the long post:(
I did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and joined as a BDA in Byjus and tbh I performed really good and the company was growing as well. IK many people have bad opinion about the company but atlas it comes down to your ethics and how good as an individual you are. Simply put I haven't even changed my number since 2015(so no cheating or disappointed cx, I have been proper). So, coming back, I ended my career in the company myself as a business development Manager and went to pursue my master's and finished with merit in the UK(international business). due to some personal issues(health), I couldn't go there again, so I decided to stay back.( thanks for reading though).

So, coming back, I have been trying for different roles on the HR and analytics side, but no luck .I wanted to ask u guys will it be a problem if I change my roles in my resume?? I have my experience letter stating as BDM-sales but since you all know if I put it the same way no one is going to hire me for HR or analyst roles, but I am really good in it. So, if I change my resume to one and half years in operations as an associate and one and half years of Manager-operations, will It be an issue?? or what if I edit(ik its wrong but running out of options just because I have worked in byjus people are rejecting my resume) or just altering the names and the job description should be fine?? or what can be done?? I really wanna switch up my role! can the company backtrack what my role was in my previous company, or can they only see that I have worked in that company??
Thanks for reading this though! any help would be greatly appreciated. I cant take this anymore:((((

From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Dharan DD,

This is a public forum; while giving replies, we members maintain neutrality and look at the case dispassionately.

On objectively analysing your career profile, I found the mismatch on the following counts:

a) You are BE (Mech) but joined Byju as BDA. On acquiring technical education, taking up a non-technical job or unrelated job to the qualification is the first mismatch.

b) Later, you moved to the UK and completed an MBA in International Business. Your advanced qualification is a mismatch with the job of business development you did at Byju's.

c) On returning to India, you are looking for a job in HR Analytics. This is a mismatch between your MBA (International Business) and the job you aspire to.

With these many mismatches, it will not be surprising if you are being turned away from the jobs. Moreover, you are searching for a career in the HR field. The HR professionals are highly clannish and look for the experience dogmatically. For them, a dimwit with experience is better than an intelligent newcomer. But then, why blame HR alone? Other functionaries are as dogmatic as HR.

Furthermore, HR Analytics is a niche area in the field of HR. How many HR departments use analytics in their day-to-day activities? Hardly any!

Your job search is coming to nought because of the inherent mismatches. Even with ordinary qualifications, people grow because they stick to the industry and function. I recommend you search for a job related to International Business and foreclose the possibility of one more mismatch.

You have asked for suggestions to change the roles in your CV. But that will not help. Faking a CV is always risky. Rather than taking the route of fakery, will it not be better if you choose a job aligned with the experience?

Professional feedback: - This is a professional forum. While writing posts, members are expected to be prudent in their choice of language. Your post with informal language is inconsistent with your qualifications. While seeking advice from seniors, one is expected to be discreet and not use abbreviations used for chatting with friends or classmates. By writing a classy post, you had a chance to overwhelm the readers, but your post does the contrary. On reading it, one gets a feeling that it has been written by a freshly graduated chap who has not picked up the ropes of professionalism. My feedback may appear stringent to you but it was necessary.

The earlier you understand the importance of using professional English, the better it will be for your career.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Hi, I just finished my masters and now wanna switch roles from sales to HR or into analytics but I am not pretty much sure it's easy to do that. Everyone asks for experience. So I Decided to alter my cv accordingly. MY relieving letter states BDM, so I cant change the role, but what if I alter my roles in the beginning in the company which I worked for 3 years. Or just put the same roles and change the job description in my cv alone.
For example,BDA to Business development ops! Can a company find out which role I worked in? or how it does work? Kindy help me figure this out!

From India, Chennai

I am interested in knowing how you can say you are good in HR and Analytic when you never worked in that field.
On what basis are you making that statement and how do you expect the employer to accept it at face value?

You are basically a fresher in the field. So you need to look for a job that freshers would get. If you get into a good company, you can always prove yourself and grow to a better position. If you are looking for a higher position or wanting salary of someone will 3 year experience because you worked somewhere in an unrelated field, why will the employer bother with you when they are so many others available?

Do not think employers are such fools that they will not do a background check.

Didn't your university have placements?
They should be able to help you out with it.

From India, Mumbai
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