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If a YP is perusing 40 days of training, the standard rule is he cannot take consecutive leave for more than three days and gets hospitalized for almost a week due to some serious disease in the last few days before the exam. The YP has to face the BTO, where he will be on leave until he does not get a new batch assigned. My concern is, isn't there any privileged policy for such incidents? Because YP has to face consequences unintentionally and unwillingly despite all due efforts. Also, if the concerned team says there are no new batches despite new batches coming every month, what are the steps to be taken?


While using organisation specificc abbreviations, their expansion need to be indicated in the post. Otherwise it could have disastrous consequences. What does YP or BTO mean?
From what could be gathered, for genuine reasons a trainee culdn't attend session for few days as also the exam at the end. Now, you have to wait for your turn, request the concerned authorities, provide the proof of reasons for absence. You will have to beseech for favourable consideration, that seems to be the only plausible way.

From India, Mumbai
Hello sir/ma'am, Apologies for inconvenience! "YP" stands for young professional and "BTO" stands for batch transfer outsourcing. Despite submitting all the mandatory/genuine documents, organisation put in batch transfer saying it is a standard procedure to be followed. He also served a month waiting for batch assignment with requests yet there's no response from team.


Again, you have use terms that no one outside of your organisation will know.
What is Young Professional?
What is Batch Transfer Order?
How does it affect the person?

Is he still getting paid a salary or is he considered as being on leave without pay?
In fact, has he even joined the company?

Just because another batch has started, does not mean he will automatically get into it. The trainees were probably allocated well in advance and the batch may be just full. Is it possible for him to appear for the exam directly? Should be if he has missed only few out of 40 days of training.

From India, Mumbai
Apologies again for my unawareness of such you mentioned in the very first line of initial paragraph.

Yes, the trainee has joined the organisation and he will be on leave without pay. He had completed his training well and missed just 3 days of session which was conducted during the time he was hospitalized. And hence the mentors put him in Batch transfer.

Also, could you please acknowledge me about the standard process of batch transfer. Because, as per my knowledge there are no specific numbers of candidates in one batch of the same technology. Hence, there could be chances of trainee to be selected in recent batch. Please clarify if I may be incorrect.


I am not sure what you hope to get from this group.
(I still have no idea of what a batch transfer is)

Well, first, you are talking of an internal process of a company (name and industry we dont know, so we cant even make a comparison, if we were qualified in the first place).

Whether a training session can have fixed number of candidates or the batch is flexible also depends on the company, trainer, type of training and other limitations we know nothing about. Even if it is flexible, whether to add more candidates to a particular group is the internal decision of the company.

The company decides its procedure and there is nothing an external person can add. I do not know your relation or locus standi in this matter... Are you the candidate, HR, friend, what? Do you have a right to interfere? Can you talk to the management or senior HR manager? What exactly is your position in this?

There are only 2 things I can point out in this :

1. If he has already joined the company, then he will get paid. That is the law. Check the appointment letter. He must be paid at least equal to minimum wages. If you are mistaken and he is only been asked to do a training course and his joining is subject to passing an exam, then he is not entitled to be paid. So you need to be sure that he has actually joined the company. Any training the company gives after joining is considered as working period and the employee gets his salary for that period.

2. If he has missed only 3 out of 40 days, why can he not appear for the exam on his own and pass it. If he cant, then the company is justified in deeming he is not employable. But in such a case, they need to terminate him. Or they still have to pay his salary. If they suspend him, they are still required to pay a part of his salary (if he is actually employed).

I have someone who came for an interview, who has been on the bench for 5 months waiting for the next project and he was paid salary for the full period.

From India, Mumbai
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