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Hi, Myself Aarchana having experience in Hr for 17 plus years in HR Generalist profile. After Lock down I got 1 job where I am designated as Head - HRBP and handling all HR activity. When I joined my salary was 10 LPA then after 6 month all of sudden my Boss resigned I got hike due to work pressure and it went upto 15 LPA.

Now my Management hired a consultant who joined in January 2023. He started his worked with PMS. As making letters was my profile he should do it with me he did with my other team member. I was left over. then he hired 1 person who has 4 -5 yrs of experience in HR Generalist and he designated him as AM - HR on 8 LPA. His written and reading communication was very low and his experience was also not that up to the mark.

Big shocking is now -
He was never good to me and this week I received letter from him -

This is with reference to your discussion with Mr __________ and considering overall scenario;
your role is revised as Manager Office Administration. In this new role, your responsibilities are as
Supervise office administration, office up-keep and maintenance.
Procurement of office supplies and related vendor management.
Ensure Compliances related to office administration.
Travel and Visa arrangements.
Office Event Management.
Office Document Record Keeping and Management.
Any other responsibilities which may be assigned from time-to-time.
Considering your re-designation, your salary stands revised to:
Fixed CTC: Rs. 7,00,000/- (Rupees Seven Lacs) per annum
Variable: Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lac) per annum
The role of Manager-Administration and revised salary will be effective from 01-May-2023. Your allother employment terms and conditions remain the same.
You are requested to handover existing HRBP related responsibilities to Mr _________ on or before
Kindly acknowledge the revision in your role, responsibilities, and salary.

Where my roles in company are in Senior HR Role and my experience is also same till date

Please guide me what should I do ?

Awaiting your revert



From India, Mumbai


Can understand your pain.

Your statement " Now my Management hired a consultant " reveals everything vividly. Consultant is just a puppet who dances as per your Management wish. You joined for 10 lakhs ctc and within 6 month reached 15 Lakhs ctc as your immediate superior resigned. Just to manage the show temporarily you were given huge hike and now your Management want to reduce the cost and hence this move. This might be either due to your performance or availability of manpower resources in the market to perform similar role with less cost.

Now you have three options.

Accept what is offered and continue.

If you are confident that you will get another job submit resignation and get relieved.

Just hold on accept Management's decision. Look for better offer. Once you found one just move on.

Third option will be wise one.

Fighting with Management will not produce any result according to me. You may discuss with the Chief deciding Authority. But once Management went to this extent I don't think any miracle will happen.

This is not a end of your carreer. Just move on.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Aarchana,

I empathise with you. The analysis of the case is as below:

a) Taking quirky decisions appears to be a hallmark of your company. Your salary was increased by 50% within six months. Such a hefty hike is unheard of. However, it was a signal to you that if a quixotic decision by the top management favours you, then another quixotic decision could disfavour you also.

b) When the consultant was brought on board, it was a second signal to you. By creating a position parallel to you, the top leadership tested the waters.

c) Now the top leadership has taken the quirkiest decision to remove you from the HR duties and halve your salary. The ease with which it was increased by 50% with the same ease, it is decreased by 50% Is this not a ploy to make you quit? Is it a clear signal to you that you are a persona non grata.

d) Suppose you dig your feet and hold on to the new position, then what is the guarantee that your further demotion will not happen? In your company, anything is possible. Therefore, whether to continue with the employment or exit is your call.

e) In an organisation where whims and fancies rule the roost, I do not think that whimsicalness by the top management is restricted to you. A few other employees must have been the victims of the capriciousness of the top management. Taking it as a clue, I wish you had separated from this organisation timely.

General comments on your post: - While raising a post on the public forum, I wish you had thought of your stature. I understand that when one receives a letter of demotion, the person gets mentally unbalanced. However, your post does not justify your seniority. It is written incoherently, and the transitory words or even sentences are missing. It appears that you did not allocate time to learn managerial or executive communication. Though the adage says that a single swallow does not make a summer, your post casts light on your personality. Whether it reflects your quality of work is a moot point. Therefore, take it as a lesson and find out where improvement is necessary. If you ignore feedback, then a few more jolts could be in store for you!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Aarchana,

It is heartening to note that the Management which took you to higher position within six months of your joining, you should have analysed that that here were high expectations on you to be delivered for your management, once the position upgraded with 50% hike in salary Rs. 10 lacs PA to Rs. 15 lacs PA in the HR segment and presently demoted to Rs. 7 lacs PA and variable Rs. 1 lac calls for and introspection comparing your two previous positions in your present Organisation.

After studying the Job Description of the Manager -Office Administration, the package offered appears to be good, however it is left to you to accept or reject the offer. But I suggest somewhere there should be not up to mark performance as expected by your company's management.

Whatever may be the likes and dislikes of the management towards an employee can't stoop to such a low level by reducing your salary to half, you need to thoroughly introspect where the things went wrong. My suggestion, please accept the present position and keep working and it is here you need to be careful in show casing your performance level. In case the Management is satisfied with your performance, they may reconsider your position .
All the best, May God Bless you.

With Regards,

From India, Bangalore
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