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Please let me when we are issuing appointment letter after probation period, how to mention in probation clause and salary to be mentioned as on or salary at the time of joining . Please suggest me in this regards.

From India, Bangalore

Hi Ms. Gracy
Appointment letters will be issued on the day of joining and after completion of probation period Appointment confirmation letter will be issued.
At the time of joining you shall mention a clause stating as You shall be on probation for XYZ period and based on the performance your appointment shall be confirmed and the salary shall be revised.
Till the probation your salary stack is as below.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Jeevarathnam,
Thanks for the reply
I do agree that at the timing of joining we issue appointment letter stating probationary clause etc , but suppose u think that they have not issued appointment letter at the time of joining they have completed one year , but now they required appointment letter in such cases how to go about it.Please reply

From India, Bangalore

In that case you can issue Appointment letter dated today& with effect from the day of Joining. And you can mention all the clauses
From India, Bangalore

In case appointment letter was given on joining, you can do either of foll:
Option 1:
Give appointment letter with DOJ as the date on which they were on board - mention probation period of X months and would be confirmed based on performance.
Once the probation period is over, give confirmation letter - give proper designation and salary details (even if it is not revised)
Option 2:
Give them confirmation letter with date on which the person was confirmed officially. Mention his date of joining and mention that s/he was successful in performing upto the standards during the probation period of X months since [mention his dt of joining]

From India, Mumbai

If no appointment letter was given at the time of joining and if you give only confirmation letter after thier probation mentioning their date of joining , no doubt you are regularising their appointmnet but there may be technical problems latter in case of any dispute, since you will have no document to invoke any term or clause of employment to take any action since you have not got one agreed and signed by them.Therefore what I suggest you is to give an appointment cum-confirmation letter on completion of their probation which shall containall the clauses governing their terms of employment..
HR & LabourLaw Advisor

From India, Mumbai
Based on the overall discussion we can say that initial when candidate gets selected, he gets the offer letter with minimum terms and conditions and with salary details and designation. After he joins he receives the appointment letter from organisation till he completes his probationary or training period. It also includes leave details, salary details, additional terms and conditions for which the candidate need to provide the signed copy as acceptance. Finally when he completes his probationary period he gets the confirmation letter will eloborated terms and conditions with or without salary changes and finally the management receives this letter as confirmation from the candidate.

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