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Hi, Can anyone share the domestic travel policy maintained at your organization, mainly from engineering service & software-based companies located in India? Need to know the expenses limit on business travel (within India) for employees.
From India, Chennai
Domestic Travel Policy

This policy establishes guidelines for business-related domestic travel to ensure employee safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Scope: This policy applies to all employees of the Company who undertake domestic travel for business purposes.

1. Approval and Authorization:

All domestic travel must be pre-approved by the employee's manager.
Travel requests should be submitted through the company's travel management system at least 15 days in advance.
Emergency travel must be approved by a senior manager or above.

2. Travel Booking:

All travel arrangements must be made through the company’s designated travel agency or online portal.
Employees are expected to book the most cost-effective travel options, taking into account convenience and safety.
Economy class should be used for flights and train travel, unless pre-approved by a senior manager for specific circumstances.

3. Accommodation:

Employees are required to stay in company-approved hotels, where corporate rates have been negotiated.
Hotel bookings should be made through the company’s travel management system.
If company-approved hotels are not available, employees may choose accommodation within the approved budget range.

4. Transportation:

Employees should use company-provided transportation or arrange for rental cars or taxis through approved vendors.
Use of personal vehicles for business travel is discouraged; however, if used, mileage reimbursement will be provided as per company rates.

5. Meals and Incidentals:

Employees will be reimbursed standard 2400 per day (approx) for meals and incidental expenses as per the daily allowance rates specified by the company.

6. Travel Advances:

Travel advances may be provided upon request and must be reconciled within 21 days of return.
Unused travel advance funds must be returned to the company immediately upon reconciliation.

7. Health and Safety:

Employees must adhere to health and safety guidelines, including any advisories from health authorities or government agencies.
Employees are encouraged to purchase travel insurance covering health, accidents, and luggage loss.

8. Expense Reporting:

Employees must submit a detailed expense report within 60 days of return from travel.
All expenses must be supported by original receipts and detailed descriptions.

9. Non-Reimbursable Expenses:

Personal entertainment (movies, games, etc.)
Personal travel expenses not related to company business
Fines, penalties, or legal fees
Alcoholic beverages (unless part of an approved business meal)

10. Compliance and Violations:

Non-compliance with the travel policy may result in non-reimbursement of expenses and/or disciplinary action.
Employees are encouraged to report any issues or concerns regarding travel to their manager or HR department.

11. Contact Information:

For travel bookings and inquiries, contact -Travel Agency
For policy-related questions, contact -HR Department

From Germany , Kelsterbach
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