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HI All, Need to know the Compliances registers required for a manufacturing unit in Haryana.
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Hi Manju-Mehta,
For a manufacturing unit in Haryana, compliance requirements can vary based on the industry sector, size of the unit, and other factors. However, here's a general list of compliance registers that are commonly required for manufacturing units in Haryana:

Attendance Register: To maintain records of employees' attendance, including in-time, out-time, and leave details.

Wages Register: To record details of wages paid to employees, including basic wages, overtime, deductions, etc.

Leave Register: To keep track of various types of leaves taken by employees, such as casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, etc.

Accident Register: To record details of any accidents that occur within the premises of the manufacturing unit.

Register of Fines: If fines are imposed on employees for any misconduct or violation of company policies, a register to record such fines should be maintained.

Register of Employment: To record details of all employees employed in the manufacturing unit, including their personal information, designation, date of joining, etc.

Register of Overtime: If employees are entitled to overtime, a register to record details of overtime work should be maintained.

Register of Maternity Benefits: If applicable, a register to record details of maternity benefits provided to female employees should be maintained.

Factory License Register: To record details of the factory license, including license number, date of issue, and validity period.

Registers under Factories Act, 1948: This includes various registers mandated by the Factories Act, 1948, such as the Register of Adult Workers, Register of Child Workers, Register of Leave with Wages, etc.

Registers under other applicable labor laws: Depending on the nature of the manufacturing unit and the activities carried out, there may be additional registers required under other labor laws applicable in Haryana, such as the Minimum Wages Act, Industrial Disputes Act, etc.


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