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Hi All, I need an immediate response from you.

I worked for an XYZ company in Baroda. I signed a bond of 1 yr while joining. The bond says if I will breach the bond then I have to pay the training cost incurred by the company. I worked with that company for almost 11 months. Then I got some better opportunities and talked to my Manager that I want to resign. I told him that I can't wait as I am having another opportunity. Then he asked ok sent the resignation only to me and not to HR. Once the salary will be credited into your account he will forward it to HR. I was least worried about the salary and even I was ready to pay the notice period. but the concerned person was told that if I will breach of contract then I will have to pay 6 months of Salary which could be around 50000 thousand.

The company has not given me any project training. They have imparted only basic training on Communication skills and email etiquette for a week and that is common for all the employees. And my employer told me that it will do the same then he will sue me in court.

Seniors... Please help me with what to do... Looking forward to a speedy response.

From India, Vadodara

Dear Prashant.
Issues relating to bond are required to be discussed well in advance with some knpwledgeable person before signing that. There is no relevance in post facto discussion after several months that too after you decided to leave the company. However, all depends upon the language of the bond conditions, which you have not stated here. Any suggestion on presumption basis may not help you.

From India, Delhi
As per my information if contract breches within the designed period there will be charges company can charge as per policies . Another on internate you can search what is the liquidated damages
From India, Pune

If no training worth the name had been given,then no court will go out of their way to compensate the company for cost of training.You will have to prove that no training was given in the court.
In my opinion the company cannot get any substantial relief from court.
What does your offer letter speak about leaving the company??
Just follow that.
Secondly off topic-""I need immediate response-- should be i request urgent or early response.
You cannot demand responses.
What is 50000 thousands or is it 50000 only??
Due care is necessary while posting on a professional forum.

From India, Pune
You can use law of breach of contract , in the same you have to give proper reason for breach of contract.
From India, Pune
its depend on the contract between the parties.
From India

This question was posted 8 years ago in 2015! The OP has not posted here since, so we can assume he has moved on with his career, and further comments on his situation are no longer relevant.
From Australia, Melbourne
Dear Prashant,
since you got bonded appointment, I think this is your first job and there is wide career waiting for you.
As per my opinion you should tackle the situation very tactfully and be polite with H.R. You are not first and last who is leaving the job OR breaching/breaking OR resigning the job before completion of bond period. Please remember at present your hand is under the stone and if tries to get out of it by force, it will hamper your future. No doubt it is unlawful but for your better future and if your approach is polite, you will definitely get fruitful result.
A. Prakash

From India, Vadodara
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