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Hi HR's, I am working in the IT/Software industry. I have to switch jobs but there are some issues with me, my wife filled false matrimony cases against me and she is not ready to compromise or withdraw those. Its more than 6 years I am facing those cases. My password is also not with me as blocked by the complaint of my wife.
A switch job in an MNC is essential for me. But due to my problems, I am not able to do. Request you to please help me.
How an MNC treats this situation? What are the policies in this scenario? I am not getting how can I handle this situation.
Appreciate your help and guidelines in this regard.

From India, Meerut
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Nikhil,

It is unfortunate to note that your personal life has a fall back in your professional life. Nevertheless, litigation arising out of disturbed marital life and your career advancement these two are independent things. Why do you have a fear that ongoing marital dispute can hamper your search for better job opportunities?

Generally, candidates write their personal details in their CV. It includes a brief on the marital status as well. Right at that place, you may write "married but the matrimonial dispute is going on". When the companies are in dire need of the candidate, they may ignore such secondary matters. Those who don't have a pressing need may start raising questions on this count.

Please note that the involvement in marital dispute is not akin to doing some fraud or involvement in the shady deal or corruption. Therefore, you need not carry a sense of guilt in any way.

Lastly, you have written that your password is blocked. The password of what and who has passed the order to block it and how does it impact your job search? If it is an email ID then you may create a new email ID.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

It is not clear as to whether is case is criminal or civil or both. It is not appearing to be a criminal case (like domestic violence) anyhow it is six years and has not affected your career thus far.
As regards employment is concerned, for the employer to take cognizance and act the principle is that the incident alleged to have happened has to have rational connection with employment. Obviously the matrimonial incident has no rational connection so you need not unduly worry on this count. You shall continue to pursue for mutual settlement.
Your password is not with you is an inexplicable situation and so cannot be commented upon.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks Mr. Dinesh and KK!HR for given your valuable time and response.

It was typo mistake. Its passport , not password that was blocked by the complaint of my wife through authorities.

I had to stuck in a small firm due to this mess from last 6 years and hope you understand that due to this mesh my firm is also take advantage of my current situation.

Some of my friends are in big MNC like Dell/HP/Google/HCL etc and they guys told me that since you dont have ur passport also not with you its difficult for you to come in big MNC. As big MNC's have their own policies and they will not entertain any legal mess for their employees.

KK!HR : Yes i have domestic violence , maintenance matrimony cases. The dowry case not acceptable by court till date.

Mr. Dinesh and KK!HR : Request you to please guide me. I will be highly obliged to you.


From India, Meerut

I would advice you to go to good lawyer who deals with such matrimonial matters and seek his advice.
While applying for jobs,do not hide fact of matrimonial dispute.
Further your lawyer will advice you on steps to unblock your passport.
Best course of action is a mutual compromise.Pay up and try to get out of the situation.
In such a situation, money is wasted in court battles and even complainant gets very little.
Ask your lawyer about how to get a compromise between the two parties and close the case.
Some companies will not bother about family disputes as long it does not impace on work and reputation.But some are strict.
The best course is to look for compromise through mutual friends and lawyer.

From India, Pune

Since you have a case against you under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, and your passport has been impounded, you will have to wait for the legal matters to end before you can breath free and try desired placements. The legal process being what it is, an early solution is not on the cards. Since it is already six years the cases might have progressed fairly much, but as already advised to you you have to explore mutual settlement. By the way have you or she has filed for divorce, in that case you can explore the family court for settlement of matrimonial dispute. But the criminal cases are not compoundable and mutual compromise is not of much help in getting the matters closed.
As regards the effect of the cases on your employment prospects, there could be an issue in government/PSU service. Private Sector & MNCs are less likely to bother about such aspects once they find you suitable. But you should not suppress the facts to your future employer.

From India, Mumbai
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