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I am herewith copying my details given in my offer letter from my present company. I neither need their experience certificate nor their relieving order. It's just been exactly 2.5 months since I joined and it's already taking its toll. I can't bear and hence I'm giving medical reasons to quit. However, in my offer letter it says that when the company terminates me during 3 months probation period , the employer shall give 1 week notice. Doesn't the same apply to the employee as well ? However, in another point it says that the a notice period is 90 days post confirmation. When I talk to my employer he says the one week notice during probation is only from the company side and not the employer side. Is this valid ? There is no clause in the offer letter about what's the notice when an employee quits during probation.

Here are the two points below

1.You will be on a probationary period trial period of 3 months that will begin from your date of joining.

Xxx Pvt Ltd reserves the right to terminate your employment at any time during

this period with a one week notice if performance has been deemed unsatisfactory for any reason.

2. Termination of Service / Resignation: The service of the employee shall be terminable on either side

by giving 90 days’ advance notice as Notice period in lieu thereof upon completion of the

probationary period by the employee. The relieving date might be extended incase the project is at a

critical juncture.

Any help from some trained people is much appreciated as I'm having sleepless nights. Also he asks me to serve at least one month since according to his terms, he says that I actually have 3 months notice from the start itself. I'm completely confused and depressed already.

From India, Chennai
It’s a bit urgent. Can someone pls extend their help towards this issue ?
From India, Chennai

Dear friend,
Some sort of irresistible dislike hidden in your psyche towards the present job seems to be overwhelming you to quit it immediately. Of course it is your discretion and no one can give you better advice than yourself. Formal employment is based on certain conditions both explicit and implied. Once you have agreed and joined, you can not question them because of the inconvenience caused by a self-created situation. I think your employer seems a bit reasonable to ask you to serve a minimum notice period of one month instead of three months. May be you are a person with high degree of employability or no need for paid-employment.In such a case, you can simply walk out without any hassle.

From India, Salem
Thanks but it doesn’t state what’s the procedure notice for probation if an employee quits himself right ?
From India, Chennai
Srinath Sai Ram

Dear Anamika as per the contents posted by you regarding Notice Period, it can be concluded that During Probationary period of 3 Months, Employer can Terminate you with 1 Week Notice for unsatisfactory Performance.
However, during probationary Period, what is the notice Period to be given by the Employee is not mentioned.Consequently, you need not serve any notice Period for leaving your Job, during Probationary period.It would have been nice had you uploaded the actual Appointment Letter to be on safer side, before concluding.

From India, New Delhi
Thanks @srinath. However, I have only two points that I have mentioned about in my thread with regards to notice and resignation. Rest all the points are related to promotions etc.etc
From India, Chennai
Powai office

Dear Friend,
The clauses mentioned by you are general clauses. There is no penalty for early leaving except for 3 months notice. Your employer has already considered and reduced that period to one month for you. You may have immediate need to leave this job. You have following 3 options:-
1) Work for one month as advised by employer
2) IF any payments are held up, please get them settled. Payments can be salary, bonus, or incentives etc. Meet your superior or speak to him to relieve you immediately.
3) Find out amicable way rather than legal angle as you have already informed them medical problem. You stick to medical issue and get yourself relieved so that employer also releases your entitlements/payments.
Think cool and decide other best option, if any.Good Luck!

From India, Mumbai
Ok so I handed over all my assets today and I told him I'll collect the relieving letter later. To be honest, I don't need the relieving letter from them at all. Next, they told me that I have to pay a buy out amount that they have paid me by buying me out from my former company. Also adding to this, he said you might have to pay the 3 months fixed salary along with buy out amount. Nothing regarding buy out or quitting while in probation is mentioned in my offer letter terms. Also while on call, the CEO told me that if it's not possible ask your sister to work for me for a month. Is this legal enough ? Adding to all this, there were only 2 employees in that company including me, no PF , no ESI. Nothing. Finally he said he will calculate the total amount and send an email. Should I stay strong to take any legal actions against this ? Would the case be in my favour ? Any suggestions on this is highly appreciated. I work for a remote client while I'm employed by this company. Eagerly awaiting response on this from some experienced people. Thank you all in advance.
From India, Chennai
I have also recorded all actions taken so far by email. Informing the remote client about my handover. Completion of tasks, and also to my company regarding all hand overs. I have emails of all these a copy in my personal inbox too. Is this a good move ?
From India, Chennai
Can someone pls help me .. I’m in complete depressed mode.
From India, Chennai
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