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Please suggest me a format for reference check.
From India, Bangalore

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1. Explain that the reference will be kept confidential, and indicate a preference for stories rather than just character traints.

2. Loosen a reference’s tongue further by keeping the discussion conversational - not an interrogation.

3. References of superiors are generally most helpful, but peer and subordinate references can be helpful as well.

4. Always conduct the conversation orally, not in writing.

Useful questions for reference checks (customize for the particular candidate):

1. How long and in what capacity have you know ____?

2. What kind of an employee was ____? How did s/he perform? What was it like to manager him/her?

3. How would you describe ____'s technical skills?

4. How did his/her performance compare to other employees with similar job duties?

5. What would ___'s critics say about him/her?

6. Were your clients/[others] pleased with his/her work?

7. Have you ever given him/her responsibility for something that was not done well?

8. How much direction or oversight does he/she need?

9. What type of advice would you give his/her next employer to ensure success?

10. Is there anything I haven't asked that you feel would be helpful to know?

Questions to Ask Subordinates

1. How would you describe his/her management skills?

2. How does s/he motivate people?

3. How much direction/oversight does the candidate provide?

4. What types of people work well with the candidate? What types of people do not?

5. How does the candidate deliver bad news?

6. What sort of people does the candidate hire? Rate of success?

7. What is his or her willingness to go to bat for people?

8 How would subordinates rank his or her fairness as a boss?

9. Give an example of how s/he handled a difficult, sensitive, people problem.

Optional questions, depending on the type of position:

1. Could you describe a mistake the candidate made and how s/he corrected the situation.

2. How does s/he respond to criticism?

3. Could you describe the individual's ability to attract and counsel top talent.

4. Does s/he know when to seek guidance?

5. Has s/he ever successfully changed your mind?

6. How does s/he handle new challenges of any sort?

7. What kind of job is best suited for this individual's abilities?

8. What happens when the candidate doesn’t get his or her way?

9. How would you rate the candidate’s interpersonal skills?

10. Describe a situation in which the candidate had to use political skills.

11. Give an example of the candidate’s creativity.

12. Did the individual demonstrate honesty and integrity?

13. How tenacious is s/he? How stubborn?

14. What are his/her principal strengths for this position?

15. What have been the candidate’s greatest contributions to the organization?

16. What was the reason for separation...was it voluntary or involuntary?

17. Did any personal problems affect this individual's work performance?

18. Why has the candidate changed jobs in the past?

19.What is your overall recommendation for him or her in this particular position (1-10)? Why not a 10?

20. Is there anything that we need to know that would prove embarrassing should

it show up a month from now on the cover of The Washington Post?

21. Do you know of anyone else qualified to confidentially comment about the candidate? [Note: before talking with others, ask the candidate 'Is there anyone who you do not want me to speak with?']

From India, Gurgaon
Rajat Joshi

Hi Champa Prasad, In addition to the points/suggestions given by CHR am enclosing the reference format in ms word as a ready reckoner as an attachment herewith below. Cheerio Rajat Joshi
From India, Pune

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