I am vijay working with placement consulting firm. Next week I am going to attend an interview with One of the Multinational firm in Bangalore. Anyone please give me interview guidelines.

From India, New Delhi
Rajat Joshi

Hi Vijay,

Hey..lemme try to guide from different perspectives..let's see what these MNCs HR People would look at you in the following or rather their interviewing process..

1. What to look for on a resume/application

 Employment gaps

 Job hopping

 Inconsistencies

 Lack of dates

 Spelling errors

2. Application required by all candidates seriously considering

 All interviewed

 Complete in full (no “see resume”)

 In ink

 You review all items

3. Preparing for the interview

 Plan questions in advance

 Do Not Disturb

 Don’t make wait

 Alert receptionist

4. What to cover at the interview

 Job Description

 Benefits

 Company info. (history, size, philosophy, what do)

 Mission Statement

 Describe what job entails

 Reporting (who’s supervisor)

 Don’t repeat items already obvious on resume, point is to find out more, dig deeper

 Take notes

 Summarize (time frame for decision, how notify)

5. Establish & maintain rapport

 Greet warmly

 Be a good host

 Display sincere interest

6. Listening Techniques

 Re-state content of what applicant said in way that demonstrates understanding

7. Maintain control

8. Legal requirements

 Don’t write inappropriate comment on resumes or app’s

 Uniform questions for all applicants for same position

 If offered “no-no” info, steer away from

9. Follow-up

10. Evaluating candidates

 KSA’s

 Scientific method

11. Making the offer

 Contingent on background check

 HR send letter

 90-orientation period

12. Give resumes of all applicants to HR

 HR sends “Thanks” letters

 Keep on file for at least 1 year

13. In-house interviews

14. Advertising

 Must be reviewed by HR first

15. Employee referral bonus

16. Smoking

17. HR’s assistance in all recruiting efforts

 Phone interviews

 Organize

 Schedule interviews

or another way is :-

How Do We Gauge a Person's Passion and Commitment for the Job During Interviews?


what specific interview questions should we ask in order to gauge

whether a person is committed to and passionate about his work, and

prompt in his dealings?

— enthusiasts only need apply, human resources, software/services,


The characteristics you mention--passion, commitment and promptness--

would be desirable in just about anyone, so your question may be on

the minds of many employers.

While the three terms have something in common, it is possible for

someone to be prompt but not passionate, passionate but not

committed, and committed but not prompt. Let's look at behavioral

questions that focus on each of the characteristics individually.

Passion springs from a person's deeply felt convictions. It is

visible in the emotional response of the candidate. To assess the

candidate's passion for the type of work you offer, ask:

What do you like most about your current job? What part of your job

is most fulfilling? Why? Follow up with: Can you describe a work

opportunity that meant so much to you that you put everything else

aside to be involved in it? What did you do? How did it work out?

Please give me an example of a time when your heart wasn't in your

work, and describe what you did about the situation.

Have you ever worked for an organization whose mission did not match

up with the things you really feel strongly about? Please describe

the situation and how you handled it.

Committed people follow through on the promises they make and take

responsibility for the achievement of plans, sticking with work until

it is completed. Committed people take responsibility for the

consequences of their actions and do not blame others for their own

mistakes or failures. To assess this competency, ask questions such

as these:

What plans were set for you in that job? What plans did you set for

yourself? Please describe a situation where the plan was set by your

manager and you were accountable for completing it. What happened?

How did it work out?

Describe a situation where your role was to set the direction for the

work and things didn't go as you'd expected. What setbacks did you

experience in that assignment? How did you respond?

What did you do to achieve your goals? How well did you achieve them?

Please give an example of a time when you exceeded your goals.

Promptness requires good planning and time management. People who are prompt make sure they allow enough time to accommodate unexpected changes. They place a high value on the importance of other people's time, and avoid inconveniencing others. Here are some good questions to assess a person's promptness:

Please give an example of a situation when the timeline for a project

was cut short, but you were still expected to deliver. How did you

handle this situation?

How do you keep your calendar under control? Have you ever been

unavoidably detained? How did you handle it?

What have you done to avoid missing deadlines? Please tell me about a

time when your best efforts failed. What did you do?

Listen for candidate responses that include a description of the

problem the individual faced, the actions taken to address the

problem and the results of the actions. To evaluate candidate

responses, give extra weight to those that have:

Multiple job-related examples

Recent, challenging examples

Examples with a significant impact

Examples in which the candidate took accountability for the outcome

To check your thinking on how important these qualities are within

your own organization, ask your top performers how they would answer

your interview questions. Use their responses as a guide for

evaluating new talent.

SOURCE: Patsy Svare, managing director, the Chatfield Group,

Glenview, Illinois, April 22, 2005.

Hope this prepares you well for the interview...

Good Luck!!


From India, Pune

Hi Rajath, Thanks for your reply I had cleared 3rounds of interview and in the final round they disqualified based on my educational back ground. Regards, Vijay.
From India, New Delhi
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