Dear All
last time i sent u a mail about it helping hr manager...these r a few things/solutions which i feel will be of help to hr managers...these are just examples i need u to tell me what u beleive will be of use to u...
a>entry of resume's into your database automatically once they enter your intranet...(be it from IJP's,ur website,ad. in or through search in various jobsites...
b>status updater...about the various requirements from the various departments...and current status about candidates interviewed,selected ,rejected and the basis for that...
now i need you people to send me your requirements from a perfect hris...

From India, Mumbai
archana jog

Yes, we are using a software named WEX-Search, if you want I can provideyou with the contacts and the name of the company who has created and given us the software.
In fact, we have been one of the first users of the software and have refinded it to a large extent.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Anuj, Archana and all,

Managing resumes is bit easier than managing the sources of recruitment. the sources varies from organisation to organisation. Common sources are like Placement consultants, emails, job boards, employee referral, campus interviews.

We can take use of the software to streamline and integrate all these sources into one talent pool of company. If we have to do so then the software has to be web enabled. There are two options with any company who decides to otp for software 1. going for inhouse solution 2. ASP solution.

Inhouse solution - TCO would be more. Time to ROI would be much more due to longer implementation time. sometimes difficult to get due to poor change management.

ASP solutions- TCO would be very less. Faster implementation and better ROI.

I am from a company who sells RMS i.e. Recruitment Management Systems a typical Application tracking system. Our solution is used by more than 80 corporates in APAC. In india the solution is used by HLL, Tata Motors, TVS Motors, Suzlon, Bajaj Auto, Colgate, Asian Paints, Tata Power etc..

We manage resumes from the following sources:-

candidates who apply for positions directly.(Lateral Recruitments)

Staffing vendors(Recruitment Firms) who submit matching profiles to the Recruitment in charge, with duplication checks.

Employees who refer candidates for specific vacancies.(Employee Referral)

campus placement co-ordinators who route student resumes for job vacancies and the HR Manager co-ordinating with all these users and managing the complete process including online testing platform.(Campus Interviews)

Let me know if you require more info on these and how it happens. It is very cost effective and faster to implement.

With Regards,

Balaprasad C

From India, Bangalore

Bala and All,
Off the self system is off course good to use depending upon feasability.
Even the simple mechanism as used accepting primary detail on online and resume as attach works fine and can be stored in database.
Automated Tracking off course would lesser burden of the recruitment team involved as I myself have been involved in the process hectically beside my technical schedule.
A Bombay Company also provide a new generation low rate good value solution for the same.
Basically A add on would be help full if a utility extract basic information from different format and put it in the database along with CV.
Best Regards

From India, Delhi

Dear All, I would say it Avalibility VS Accaptibality and then usability VS functionality. Bala
From India, Bangalore


I did a study with a Recruitment Consultant last year to define the functional process for a Recruitment software.

You can build this yourself if you really get down to it.

However what we realised when we sold the software was that - it is not the software that is important but what you want out of recruitment process. What are you trying to achieve?

- Lower employee onboarding costs - Then you should look for a Recruitment software which ties in with an induction system.

- Ability to seamlessly handle graduate and experienced candidates - then you should look for a software which helps you manage a very large number of candidates for a vacancy.

- Faster Time to hire and lower cost of hire - then you are looking for software such as Adrenalin Recruitment/eRecruitment or Peoplesoft Recruitment/eRecruitment Modules.

- Multiple roleplayers across numerous locations - but for MIS you need a central system - adopt a web based architecture from either Oracle, Peoplesoft, Adrenalin or SAP.

- You want your CVs to be OCR'd and data to be fed in as key words - you need a software which integrates with such technology.

You need to decide the areas you want to tackle. While doing this - all of us look not only at today, but 1, 3 and 5 years down the line- we use growth metrics, business impacts on recuitment and then plan.

Think ahead, will help you choose the right solution.

All the best.


Sankalp Patnaik

From India, Bangalore

First few features are essential and most process level organization would like to prefer. These are few advanced one some like to consider.
- For different role play and cross department role esteem and entry level security is important.
- For better personal job match and work expedity a good intra HR application process system support is next level for long term perspective.
- For personal level job satisfaction gurranty verification with perfortmance levels is another high level requirement many organizations with standard process capability.

From India, Delhi
what could be the various sources to get resumes. how far do you think poaching works. pleaze suggest some new ways. :)
From India, Hyderabad

There are various sources to get te resumes,
* Job Portals
* Advertisement in print media/ any popular news paper.
* Placement Agencies
* Campus Recruitments
* Referrals
Poaching is most of the time is taken as a negative term in HR. One should avoid doing such activities, specially reputed companies never go for this.
Cheers :)

From India, Delhi
Thank You Archna.
I would further like to ask you that if I have tried all the possible resources for a given requirement and even then I did not find suitable profiles what other way can I take up? I guess you know how important is getting the required number of suitable profiles on time to keep up the job of a recruiter. I am really facing a problem in accomplishing the task before time.
Thanks and Regards,

From India, Hyderabad
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