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Workplace Civility - Grooming And Appearance - DOC Download (908) (31/Mar/2008)
Grooming and Appearance Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Choose the Days Mode of Dress: What are my goals for the day? With whom will I be interacting? Where will I be meeting them? What will my clients be wearing? What will my superiors be...
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Personal Hygiene & Grooming For Restaurant Service Staff (772) (16/Jul/2013)
Hi I have put this powerpoint together for grooming and personal hygiene for Restaurant service staff....
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I need warning letter for employe for poor grooming please provide me one warning letter.
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Training Prog. On Grooming (442) (02/Apr/2011)
Dear Mam Regarding your query on gromming the housekeeping staff. I would like to introduce you to Image Consulting. Housekeeping staff carry the company s image and it is very important and necessary to educate all the levels of the management to carry their image in an approporiate attractive and...
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Communication Skills And Grooming (428) (25/Sep/2008)
Dear Shiwani Refer Chaturvedi for the above topic it s goodlucid and resourceful. regards Mahantesh Jakaty...
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Grooming Ppt Download (2247) (01/Oct/2009)
Hi friens Hope this ppt must be useful for all of u... Regards supriya softskill/motivational trainer....
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Grooming Your Self For An Interview - PPT Download (840) (03/Oct/2007)
Hello Its a presentation on how you can groom for your interview. Regards : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :...
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