Cite.Communities provides an easy way to find solutions to your professional problems while also helping you get exposed to real world business issues so that you grow constantly and improve your domain expertise.

www.Cite.co is one of the largest corporate communities in existence, probably second to Linkedin, but our focus is not connections or networking but rather real world business problems - we do not allow the use of company names in discussions, which makes it simpler to be open about problems.

Here's how to use it... When you face any complicated problem in your professional life and need a mentor or some peer feedback, you should post the question (only after using the reSearch box to see if information is already available) on our network using the "Talk To The Community" grey button at the top.

You can do this using your real name or with an annonymous account - generally when the issue is sensitive we encourage users to post with an annonymous username - like say your name is Hari Narayan you could use "Hari.Fire" or "Narayan.H" which are unidentifiable.

Our network provides a full set of features, which allow you to keep updated and make your professional life proactive and lively.

Used by professionals from thousands of companies - here are some of the companies we checked our members list for:
Easily find or ask for information from our entire network of professionals - great discussions or material are also promoted on our facebook, linkedin, twitter networks giving your more audience.
You can follow people who you find interesting or who you know make valuable contributions. Whenever they participate in any thread you will receive updates and will have an opportunity to interact on the same discussion.
We provide live notifications of all such updates - whenever people you are following participate or when there are new posts in the discussions you are participating in - you are always connected.
You can also subscribe to topic categories which will send you email alerts whenever new discussions on the subject appear on our network.

Our network spans hundreds of thousands of professionals just like you who visit our knowledgebase every day to update themselves and to help out other members who are in need for some feedback. Being pro-active in discussion helps them gain confidence while being humble in the knowledge that no one can survive alone and we must pull each other up.

We also encourage our users to share important information with their community - when everyone puts in a log, we can together build that bridge to get to prosperity in career.

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