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I would be designing the PMS (Performance management system) for our call center division, I have some parameters in mind and I am jotting them down. Please let me know if I am on the right track.

Please add a few more if you think that I have missed out on some point:

Communication skills ( Excellent communication skills, can express ideas and opinion effectively, can provide information to the clients with clarity, is an effective listener and can effectively respond to both verbal and non verbal clues)

Attendance: (Must be regular;This would be calculated as " No of actual working days in the month *100/number of scheduled working days in a month". A Leave request on the scheduled working day is considered to be unplanned and unscheduled. All unplanned and unscheduled leaves must be notified to the team leaders before 2;30 P.M. A leave without notification does not fetch any score. Information sent through text (SMS) or through peers would not be considered as notification. The concerned person would have to speak to the Team Leader or any other person higher up for notification.

Quality: This would be calculated on the basis of the weekly average scores on the calls monitored

Escalations: This would be based on the monthly escalations report (from the client's side)

Product knowledge:

Productivity: This would be calculated on the basis of the monthly sales report from the sales tracker form the team leaders

Adherence to schedule:

Improvement orientation and learning ability: Open to new ideas and challenges, flexible and adaptable, eager and fast learner

Team Work: Cooperates with other team members to carry out the set responsibilities. This reflects the behaviour of a team member and means participation in team activities/outings beyond the call of duty. Realizes the shared goals even when he/she does not directly benefit from it. Shares ideas, suggestions and information with other team members. This however being subjective, the team Leader would have to substantiate this with data.

Client appreciations: This would depend on the number of appreciation mails the agent has received from the client for excellent performance. As this too is subjective, the Team Leader would have to decide which one to consider as an appreciation mail.

Employee Referrals: This would depend on the number of referrals in the month and total number of resumes uploaded in the database.

Process Improvement Ideas: This would depend on the total number of process improvement ideas

Process Compliance: Perfect adherence to process, to the norms and guidelines laid down by the organisation and the client. Knowledgeable about all the policies related to to the work area and also beyond the work area.
13th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear All, I have posted this for the second time!!!!
is there nobody who can just let me know if the parameters are fine or not?
I am still waiting for your suggestions!!!!!
It would be good if you could pass on a sample appraisal form that is used in call centers
14th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Khyati,
Performance appraisals are done usually after one year! if required, it can even be done twice in a year (we usually carry out the appraisals once a year for our software development division, and twice a year for our call canter division).
Performance appraisal would definitely have a bearing on salary increments, which would solely depend upon the performance of the individuals. A person scoring 60% would definitely not get e hike of 50%, while a person who scores 80% stands a better chance to earn that hike.
salary increments can only be done systematically (once in a year, during the appraisals, or twice in a year if you are thinking of appraisals twice a year)
Hope I have been able to clear your doubts!
Thanks and regards,
15th May 2008 From India, Delhi
hello Pankaj,
You asked to give you all the details for the preparation of a quality evaluation form.
I have some points in mind, I will jot them down: let me know if I am on the right track:
Average speed of answer
Product knowledge
Ph quality (opening call statement, closing call statement, voice modulations, first call closure.....usually within this time range.....call wrap up avg time.)
Adherence to ph schedule:
Average Talk time....(from starting statement to call wrap up time)
Average not ready
Average on hold (calls)
Customer focus
Team Play
let me know, how this looks like (whether this looks ok or need to add some more points.....)
thanks and regards,
15th May 2008 From India, Delhi
The greater the number of parameters you have the more confusing and complicated it gets...
These parameters need to be to the point
e.g. most of the parameters you mentioned are already part of quality in any voice centre like communication, CSat etc.
Try and reduce the number of parameters which will make your job easier...
Remember that these appraisal systems are meant to improve resource performance...
It may become difficult when you rate such paramters in a complex manner
15th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hello naveen,
thanks for your suggestions.
Let me explain to you that I want to build a very exhaustive appraisal system, and a quality form, I think without these parameters, neither your appraisal system nor the quality evaluation form would be as exhaustive and as detailed as you want to be.
Do correct me if I am wrong.
Pankaj, I still waiting for your feedback.
15th May 2008 From India, Delhi
but dont you think perfoming the appraisal only once a year would not throw light on the actual inputs of the consultant / agent ? Ideally a feedback , perferably a 360 degree feedback on the basis of a target setting each quarter which would be on the basis of long term (1 year) works superb.
15th May 2008 From India
Dear Friend, I could like to know how you calculate the attendance. Could you let me know clearly. Regards, R.Ramamurthy
16th May 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Ayona,
Sorry to revert back so late.... Making the quality assessment exhaustive is more sensible according to me.
If you plan to make your appraisal system so exhaustive with so many parameters, in my opinion it will only exhaust you.
Also there would be conflicting parameters e.g... it might occur that you are marking a candidate down in the communication parameter that you have mentioned. However this is going to hit the candidate twice, as he would obviously be getting a hit on his quality because of his communication issues.
IN addition to this I would recommend techniques like 360 degree appraisals. Such techniques build a good spirit in your organization.
I understand your efforts and view as well.
Do keep me posted as to what you adopt. And keep up the hard work!
16th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
@ R Rammurthy,
The parameter attendance can be better termed as schedule adherence....
The immediate superior needs to be keeping track of his teams schedule adherence. Including leaves taken.
Ratings need to be accounted every month. It is only this average which can work during the appraisal. Ofcourse certain weightage can be assigned to overall Management ratings for each parameter.
I will be attaching a sample appraisal format soon. may be it will help all...
16th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
HI Cite Hrites...
as promised I have made a sample Appraisal cum Scorecard sheet. You can customize and even increase the number of mparameters accordingly.
Remember the weightage total needs to come in as 100.
Hope you guys find it useful..
Let me know of your feedback.
16th May 2008 From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
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File Type: xls Appraisal and score card.xls (36.5 KB, 1671 views)

Hello Naveen,
Thanks again for your suggestions, though I found your remarks to be little sarcastic!!! anyways, never mind, I have a different viewpoint, you have a different viewpoint, and implementing 360 degree is not that easy, if not well handled and implemented, it might not prove to be as mighty as it usually is as an PMS tool!
Different parameters should be there to assess the different aspects of a person;s job!!!! Otherwise, there is no point in developing a PMS system if you cannot assess all the qualities!
16th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Ayona,
My humble apologies if you found me to be sarcastic, dint intend to. It true that we have different view points. I definitely respect your view point!!!
My intention was only towards drawing attention of clubbing similar parameters together to avoid confusion...
16th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Roli, I am attaching the PMS that I designed for my Co (software Co), see if you can modify that to match the requirements and specifications of your industry and co!
16th May 2008 From India, Delhi

Attached Files
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File Type: zip PMS for B & C, FINAL.zip (13.3 KB, 1008 views)

Hi Ayona, Because the formate was getting disturbed I am sending my inputs in a separate word document. Hope this will help you.
16th May 2008 From India, Rajkot

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File Type: doc Appraisal Parameter BPO - Ayona.doc (27.5 KB, 1312 views)


Hope the link is of use to you

Thank You

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )




<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

17th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Dear,
I preffer an appraisal especially in the BPO scenario to be broken up as below
1) Performance
2) Process
3) People

This section should carry maximum weightage and should be the deciding factor when there is a normalisation review of the appraisal ratings.
What should it comprise of ?
The Primary KRAs of the agents should be part of this
eg, SPH (Sales Per hour) , QA scores, CSAT Scores, AHT (Average Handle Time= Att + Avg time on hold + ASA + Wrap) , escalations etc...you may also use the ones that you have in their monthly incentive grid.

Attendance and Schedule adherence (Staff Time Completed / Days scheduled)for Level 1 agents and include Attrition % for Team Leaders and above

This is a section that is filled in by the Immediate Manager to whom the appraisee reports may contain subjective parameters like :
Communication (Not With customer butwith others in the team)
Process Improvement Initiatives etc..
This section should carry the least weightage as it is most subjective of the lot.
If you can letme know what parameters are crucial for your Project being a success with your client with regards to billing and relationship I may be ableto helpyou better withthe KRAs and the forms. Cause say for eg, you are billed on ATT with a cap if mins you cannot design a KRA from that awards only for Quality and does not penalise a High ATT as it would increase your Quality but your BM will not be happy
19th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Naveen Pls make clearer ur appraisal sheet. I personally found no relation among parameters rgds Dev
19th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hello This attachment may be useful. Regards
19th May 2008 From India, Valsad

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Performance Appraisal Form for Manager.pdf (189.8 KB, 1371 views)

Dear HR folks:
I am newly joined in my organisation,But iam doing PMS in our org,I have successfully distributed the appraisal forms also received, please guide me the next step with action plan how I can proceed.
19th May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi All
I agree with Navin. Better to have a few clear parameters than a whole bunch which nobbody can figure out , let alone achieve.
Appraisals should build from monthly to quarterly to half yearly to annual. Pay hikes should be linked to the annual appraisal.
Remember 'SMART' goal setting.
19th May 2008 From India, Pune
Thanks Pandim,
My sheet was a sample format. A skeleton. THe parameters can be customized depending on the process. Hence I have left it as A and B.
I agree with Prasanna. The parameters stated by him sound good.
20th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
hi there usualy we have a common para
1- quality
2- quantaty
3- time frame
4- redo or rework
then comes
1- result oriantation
2- team work
3- communication.
if you need the whole appraisal please send me.
tarek dessouki
21st May 2008 From Egypt, Cairo
1) What is the periodicity of Performance Appraisals?
2) What is the periodicity of salary increments?
3) Whether increment is linked with Performance Appraisals?
4) How rating is being done ?
Kindly send me the types of forms needed for self appraisal & management appraisal.......and what steps need to be taken care of while doing performance appraisal.
Kindly throw some light on this
21st May 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Could you give brief about the leave policy in manufacture industry including Medical Leaves? And please send me the format for Induction
21st May 2008 From India, Mumbai
I feel that you are missed Time managenment & Attendance maintenance.
And also need to take a parameter that individual achive ments are use ful while PMS.
And prepare a structural sheet to identify the needs of the employees.
If any support required sent me mail.
21st May 2008
Here we are, this is what I use in my organization. in case of any query , please let me know
22nd May 2008 From Egypt, Cairo

Attached Files
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File Type: doc sample_appraisal_(abridged).doc (72.0 KB, 657 views)

Dear Mr.Rane,
I am Mr.Sawant. I want to know the aplication of this model how you apply and so many tabulation of financial yeas monthly rating for what ?
Could you please elaborate us.
with kind regards
27th May 2008 From Saudi Arabia
HI Mr Sawant..
The sheet can be helpful for you so that you dont have to panic at the last moment...
The parameters I have mentioned are sample parameters... You can add or get rid of some as you wish
e.g. We consider 5 Chief parameters.
1. Quality= A
2. AHT= B
3. Productivity= C
4. Process Awareness= D
5. Supervisor rating= E
According to my sheet
A + B + C + D + E = 100
A performance rating is obtained every month. At the end of the sheet you will see an average rating table. The annual average rounded of needs to be eventually taken as the Appraisal rating.
Where 4 is the best and 1 the lowest. Most organisations obtain a common multiplier which is some % of the basic salary.
I hope I have managed to clear your doubt.
I wish to reconfirm, The sheet mentioned is just a skeleton. The filling can be customised...
7th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ayona,
The first point itself is tricky I think... because
Having excellent communication skills doesn't serve the purpose when you are not meeting the need of the client. I think communication shouldn't a barrier for anyone unless & until he meets what client needs ?
Escalations, would be obvious even though you perform at your best. Understand first what the Escalation is ?
Employee Referrals, I think this shouldn't be considered in PMS because the person whom he is referring he might be having different opinion on your organization which cannot be changed by this guy.
So I think you need to think on this parameters. Hope this would serve you much better in measuring the team member.
Warm Regards,
Vinodkumar Gandhe.

8th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hello Pankaj,
It would be of great help if you can guide me. first of all i would like to tell you that i am working as a HR from past 2 yrs and i would like to change my roll and get into a BPO in any of the operation process.
Can i be able to get into any of the BPO's with this experience? and what is the growth opportunities in future as well as exposure in the market,would like to hear from you.
Awaiting for a positive response
13th August 2008 From India, Bangalore
We follow a pattern of Dividing appraisal parameters into General parameters and Functional parameters.
General parameters may include
1. Work attitude (urgency, accuracy, commitment, initiative, etc.)
2. Attendance, Puntuality & Flexibility
3. Problem Solving
4. Quantity & Quality of Work
Functional Parameters are Department specific.
18th August 2008 From India, New Delhi
You can add Attrition control also as one of the parameters. We also add a parameter of salary to revenue ratio (should be at 40%), if the process is entirely owned by a Team Leader. All other thing are included by you...
7th January 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Ayona & Hi Pankaj I would like to thank you both for coming up with this post as I was also in the need of that. Your posts & the discussions that it arose have really helped me!!! Regards
8th January 2009 From India, Delhi
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