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I am working as an HR of an International Call center. I want to know what are the different parameters that can be used for the purpose of Appraisal, apart from the usual parameters like communication skills, speaking abilty, etc.
looking forward to your suggestions,

From India, Delhi
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Hi Ayona,
In performance appraisals the prime factors are the key result areas on which the employee would be assessed for his further growth. The KRA depends on the Industry, Department etc. It would be easy for u if u go thru the job description of employees before setting the PA goals.
Eg: For a markrting guy in Insurance
Premium generated
No of agents required
% of Target achieved
Product Knowledge etc.
Any doubts let me know

From Australia, Parramatta
The appraisal parameters will depend on the level or bandwidth the apraisee falls in.
If you are doing an appraisal for an agent then his KRA will be the prime parameters. Apart from the same his behavior such as his relationship with peers and seniors, proactiveness, team player etc. and his Invidual Development Plan i.e. his future plan and aspiration in the organisation should be taken into account.
Usually the first roung of appraisal is done with the immediate superior and then the supervisor sits with the HR and Management Team and caliberate on each appraisal.
Hope the above clears your doubt.

From India, Mumbai
Hi, Kunal is very much correct and i think we should take the feedback from his juniors too which comes in 360 degree appraisal. Regards, Anuj
From India, Gurgaon

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!!!!!! I have some points in mind and I am jotting them down. please see if I am on the right track! Do let me know If I have missed out on something!

Communication skills ( Excellent communication skills, can express ideas and opinion effectively, can provide information to the clients with clarity, is an effective listener and can effectively respond to both verbal and non verbal clues)

Attendance: (Must be regular;This would be calculated as " No of actual working days in the month *100/number of scheduled working days in a month". A Leave request on the scheduled working day is considered to be unplanned and unscheduled. All unplanned and unscheduled leaves must be notified to the team leaders before 2;30 P.M. A leave without notification does not fetch any score. Information sent through text (SMS) or through peers would not be considered as notification. The concerned person would have to speak to the Team Leader or any other person higher up for notification.

Quality: This would be calculated on the basis of the weekly average scores on the calls monitored

Escalations: This would be based on the monthly escalations report (from the client's side)

Product knowledge:

Productivity: This would be calculated on the basis of the monthly sales report from the sales tracker form the team leaders

Adherence to schedule:

Improvement orientation and learning ability: Open to new ideas and challenges, flexible and adaptable, eager and fast learner

Team Work: Cooperates with other team members to carry out the set responsibilities. This reflects the behaviour of a team member and means participation in team activities/outings beyond the call of duty. Realizes the shared goals even when he/she does not directly benefit from it. Shares ideas, suggestions and information with other team members. This however being subjective, the team Leader would have to substantiate this with data.

Client appreciations: This would depend on the number of appreciation mails the agent has received from the client for excellent performance. As this too is subjective, the Team Leader would have to decide which one to consider as an appreciation mail.

Employee Referrals: This would depend on the number of referrals in the month and total number of resumes uploaded in the database.

Process Improvement Ideas: This would depend on the total number of process improvement ideas

Process Compliance: Perfect adherence to process, to the norms and guidelines laid down by the organisation and the client. Knowledgeable about all the policies related to to the work area and also beyond the work area.

These are some of the points that I do have ion mind, please let me know if I have missed out on something!!!!



From India, Delhi

hello, I gave my comments, and am still waiting for your feedback!!!! Please let me know if I am on the right track or not. Ayona
From India, Delhi
loveleen Kapoor

Dear Ayona, It was really helpful.Thanx for your support. Keep writing new ideas about BPO. Regards, Loveleen Kapoor
From India, Ludhiana
As I said that I want to know the complete instruction sheet/ Parameter in Medical Transcription. What kind of they provide and what kind of instruction BPO industries will follow........
Mohammed Khasim

From India, Bellary
I know that this is HR related website but some one helps me it could be better for me……… Regards, Mohammed Khasim
From India, Bellary
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