What is a difference between a Human resource manager and a Personnel manager?? What are the roles of Personnel manager in Indian industry??
10th April 2008 From India, Mumbai

Manager - Hr Excellence

Hi Shilpa......
In today's market scenario and looking at the current corporate world......there does not exist any Personnel Department....
Personnel Department existed a decade ago......but due to rapid change in the corporate world....personnel management got merged into HR department and it came to known as HRD.
One will usually find the Personnel Manager in the Manufacturing Companies where they have their manufacturing factories....
the roles of the Personnel Manager are:
1) Liasioning Activities with the Government authorities
2) Solving Employee or workers related problems
3) Handling Payroll and PF related matters...
4) Handling contract labors and renewing their license......
5) Training & Development
6) Performance Appraisal
7) Recruuitment & Induction
The above are the functions a Personnel Manager plays in aq organisation...
I think i have cleareded your doubts...
26th April 2008 From India, Mumbai
personal management means.. iit is were employees treated as working for money only.
whereas HR, they are treated as human being.. it is were we give importance to ther job satisfaction. in all dimension.. policies, salary, interpersonal relationship, status, working facilities etc..
3rd May 2008 From India, Coimbatore
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