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It is really superb, description about the word "Amma" Note: If you do not know to read Tamil, please ask help from someone and do not miss to read this attachment Anbudan krishna
From India, Madras

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Yes. Neha is right. Kindly translate for the benefit of all community members. Regards, Sunil Chandra
From India, Gurgaon
Dear All,

I give below the translated version of the Tamil Text.

It was a lecture delivered in connection with the programme organised by V.S. Kulandaisamy Trust (noted academician and thinker) lecture by Mr. Tamilaruvi Manian, (means,"a person with fluency in Tamil just like a water falls) member or Planning Commission, Tamilnadu under the title, "Salute to TAMIL".

If you want to really understand the message, you should first then one should know about the letters and alphabets of Tamil. Tamil has got 247 letters and it has been classified into 3 groups.

1. Uyir (Soul) or in other words "Vowels".

2. Mey (Body) Letters with a dot on it (It can't be pronounced individually)

3. Uyir Mey (Soul & Body) a letter derived out by joining a Mey with Uyir

Further, these 247 letters classified into another type of grouping called "Mellinam" (soft letters to speak), "Idayinam" (medium-neither soft nor hard), then "Vallinam" (hard to speak).

Now, let us come to the message.

The word "AMMA" a word to denote Mother and the word "APPA" a word to denote Father. Both words has got three letters in Tamil. The first letter is "A" That is a vowel (Uyir) and the second letter "M" or "P" is Mey (Body) and the third letter is "MA" or "PA" is Uyirmey - i.e: Both Soul and Body. This means both our Mother and Father are the people who have given us this body, soul etc.

Further, the letter "M" and "P" is the only difference between Mother and Father. The letter "M" belongs to "MELLINAM" in Tamil that shows mother is soft natured and the letter "P" belongs to "VALLINAM" in Tamil that shows that Father is always a strict person who is comparatively stronger than Mother.

I hope I have translated it in the correct form and without changing the meaning of the original text. If any body would like to correct and make it more meaningful are welcome. Bye!


From India, Madras
Dear all,

You have done fantastic job over the translated the Tamil Article in English and also thanks to introduce the same. The article is marvelous which is defined the amma and appa.

I want to connect and continue this topic with our states language. All we knew that India is only one country in the world where is many languages. In the point of view, you would find similarity in every language like; amma, neer, jal, etc - tamil, kanad, telugu, malyalam, hindi, haryana, mharati, orria, punjabi, other, These language are looking as a brother and sister and family.

Why do we not accept and understand this fact that we are all Indian. We have to respect each other. If someone coming from other state, whose know how much they have problem? Why they are here, why are they away from their family, infinite child, old grandmother and father?

Why Mharati said, go back Bihari to Bihar, UP, etc.

Donít make difference I or you. Ė Always say we

Donít call Bihari, Madrasi, UP, Punjabi, - Always Say Indian

If you donít believe on this, please make a visit to our Indian village and rural areas, they are struggling to get once time food. Itís all still happening in India after 50 years. I know whatever I am saying useless because every knew,.

My request is only one from you; respect everyone like and learn from Indian Languages


From India, Delhi
Thanks for your airing your comments.
My intention on putting this message is to share how we can interept the words Amma & Appa (Mother & Father) in our mother tongue,it just the understanding of the words which are the first words from a baby mouth.
Please refrain from thinking that I m dividing our country by language, infact my wife's mother tongue is telugu.
Let us appreciate our differences and live together as we do now.
It is just a beauty of Tamil language, I wanted to share in the forum.
Do take it in the right sense.
Looking forward from our group members for their esteemed comments

From India, Madras
It is really great! I am giving the translation here below for the benefit of other members who wants to understand the real meaning.
Tamil alphabets have two sets. One is life letters -12 ( uyir ezhuthu) and the other is body letters-18 (mei ezhuthu). The composition of both uyir and mei ezhuthu become uyirmei ezhuthu (eg: 'a' ( as in 'addition'0 is a Life Letter, 'm' (as in come) is a Body letter and 'ma' (as in command) is a combination of life and body letter (im+aa = ma)
Hence the word "Amma" in tamil denotes Mother in which you can see a life (A) and a body (im) combines to make a living body (ma) i.e. a + im+ma = amma (MOTHER).
Hope I made my best efforts to translate. Pl give ur comments on this

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Krishna I am fully agree and respect you and i inspired and going to learn the tamil, inspite of I am a tamilian but do not know read and write. Regards silva
From India, Delhi
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