Hi, I am looking after the recruitment of data-entry operators for my Company.However, my observation is that these people leave within 2-3 days after they have joined. It takes a lot of time and effort and money to bring these people, but there never seems to be a proper balance between cost and benefit. This is a year long issue that needs to have a proper solution. Can anyone please suggest me what I could do?
From India, Mumbai
hello Neha,
attrition is somethng that you cannot stop totally.bt you can definitely reduce it....
if you are hiring candidates from your own source then start making them sign a bond paper or an agreement whre it will be mentioned that they cant leave the job within 6 months or 1 year...whatever u feel rite period would be....ok.
AND suppose you are hiring from any consultancy talk to them abt the matter.tell them that if candidates are leaving the concern in 3 months then they have to give a replacement of the candidate and that to free of cost...if they dnt agree then switch to other consultancies.....becoz this is consultancy rule....i hope it will help......all the best.....
sohini :)

From India, New Delhi
Hello Friend,
Yes - as suggested by Sohini some of the administrative steps will help reduce the attrition to some extent. I suggest you conduct a study of the people who are staying in the company as data entry operators. [ This is called "Stay interview as compared to Exit Interview].There will be certain factors that you will be able to know which have correlation with retention. Then use these criteria for selection of candidates when recruiting. Of course the recruitment process will become a little more exacting but retention will also be better.
Other option is to think of a scheme to take certain people with basic qualification - provide them training for data entry operation free of cost and take a service bond. This may help retain people.

From United States, Greensboro
Another suggestion could be to recruit someone referred by the employees within the organization. Lakshman

Laxman has advised well. I have done so in my carrier in past 10 yrs, 7 found helpful.; Regards Suresh
From India, Nagpur
Hi ...I think you can relook the training process in your organization ...there should not be a lot of deviation of what is taught in training and what is actually done on the floor..
Let me know if it is useful..
Take care
Warm Regards,

From India, Mumbai
Dear Neha,

Half of the students I trained for BPO jobs left Bangalore after getting data entry jobs since finding accommodation was beyond their means... Check if that is so at your company located in Pune?

An employee needs to invest a lot for his/her boarding and lodging by way of advance paid for rented room/s (=ten month's of rent in Bangalore) And, one has to investment on infrastructure like cooking stove, gas, utensils, etc...

Paying-guest accommodation eats up the low salary that data entry operators get.

One alternative: Kindly visit www.happyvillage.in This is an attempt by the Government of AP with Bodhtree; and it is successful. It takes care of not only accommodation, but many other things, too. No high expenditure on infrastructure for the company, no expenditure on transports, etc. Why not shift your company to Rural Areas as the one mentioned on the link above? And, pass on the gain your company will make on infrastrucure/transport etc to employees. You will have 0% attrition then!

In the mean time, if you do pay sufficiently for your employees to save money after spending on necessities of life in your city, then, consider giving them motivational training, and training on skills that help to cope with challenges of the newly chosen life. I have a set of training that include physical exercises, Zen meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, etc http://specifically designed for BPO...fic challenges. For more details, kindly visit: www.ieea.in


From India, Bangalore

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