I am new to this forum. I am looking for a formula to forecast staffing attrition. I'd like to come up with a projection so that we can overhire appropriate staffing allowing for sufficient recruiting and training time.
Can anyone help me with such a formula, please?
6th February 2008 From United States, Tucson

Hr & Admin

Hello JanM: If you are not changing anything, then use the past year’s data as the best estimate for this year’s attrition data. Bob Gately
11th February 2008 From United States, Chelsea
Thank you and I will use last year's data. Can you tell me how to forecast an overhire number so that we can maintain full staffing? I have the attrition rate and possible retirement dates for the next five years.
Appreciate your help, thank you!
18th March 2008 From United States, Tucson
Hello Jan:
Look at last year's attrition rate by month and assume it is the same for this year. Hire in anticipation of the next month's expected turnover. I'm sure that you'll be wrong each month but you'll be closer to what you need than if you don't anticipate turnover.
Bob Gately

19th March 2008 From United States, Chelsea
Attrition rates can be calculated using a simple formula. Attrition = (No. of employees who left in the year/average employees in the year) x 100. Regards Jatin Narula
15th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
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