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Some great responses to your post.
For me the difference is really basic and while you can add a number of variances depending on your background and experienceand who the current management guru is it boils down to the fact that successful companies need both managers and leaders.
A manager, manages the business processes
A leader, leads the people processes
And all that both entail......
Perhaps oversimplistic but my view view none the less

Hi: Just came across this quote: "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way". regards Radhiika
Hi Vikram,

In a line it simply reads;

Leadership is by Action and Not By Position.

Managers Manage & are Led Into Delivering.

However Leadership is truly speaking situation based, assignment based. Leadership in it's true sense can never be looked at from merely the standpoint of Seniority.

Take the case of our own country, Where When the time came for India to Declare ? Anounce It's First President / PrimeMinister, the Great Mahatama Gandhi abandoned all such thoughts, & Pointed Out to Pandit Jawharlal Nehu as the First Prime Minister of Free India.

Gandhi knew that his duty was done in leading India to her Freedom, however, Free & Independent India had to have another person as the Prime Minister. He could hardly be the Person for that Role, irrespective of the Respect, Love, Reverence, Appreciation, Regard, his Fellow CountryMen had for him.

Take the case of Winston churchill Britain's Greatest War Prime Minister. Post the war, He was Hardly the Man to Drive / Lead the British Nation. During the War Time He was Indeed the Best Man - Prime Minister the Britsish could have ever had to Lead Them Through the War.

In Recent Times Nearer Home, Mr. Narayan Murthy of Infosys has abandoned His Position of the Leader of His Organization & Allowed Mr. Nileankani to Lead the Organization.

Confident that this will help , let's bow in shame that we are still clinging onto the Old Leadersip Style, Pattern, Type when the world over people are Looking Up at Servant Leaders like Mother Teresa, Narayan Murthy, Mahatama Gandhi, Nelson Mandela etc.

Thanks & Regards,,



Hi, There is no much difference between a leader & manager. If you want to be a successful manager, you should possess the leadership skills. Thanks, Bhagya.
Hi Radhika,
I am agreed with you that all Managers do not become CEOs.
But all of then do not get a chance to become CEO.
And secondly its not only the student but also the teacher whose performance reflects when a student fails in the exam.
Similar is the case with the development of leadership qualities in any person. It's not only the person but also the conditions that affects his ability to become a leader. Here, the conditions may be a coach or the situation. You cannot clap with only one hand. Co-operation and understanding between the both is very very important.
Anyways these are my views and you may or may not be agreed with these.

I think , every manager has to be a leader and every leader has to be a manager, for being effective.
Therefore, talking about the difference between them is just armchair intellectualizing and waste of time.

Dear Friends, A leader will always want to lead you. Amanager , will try to make you a leader. Regards, Jitesh M Sethii

There is no Such notion who is Better or Best. Both are different entities characteristically. They are not comparative

'Leadership is Action Not Position". The perspective of Leader vis-a-vis Manager is larger, long term, visionary, etc.

Hence visionary Managers become good leaders.

Managers fall into acontext, a situation, a position, role, responsibility, incident,accident, etc. Leader are broader perspectives of Managers.

"If you can Manage Managers, you are a good leader". Parents are leaders in a family and children their managers. Off late children become parents, and if they become successful parents, then they become good leaders for their children and so on... Similarly Dhirubhai had a vision for this society...He was a leader for all the employees, investors, stakeholders, and his family too. Likewise, Ratan Tata, Khomeini, Hitler, Napolean, Farrakhan, etc.



Hi Adnan

I too very often faced this question shot from my students and seniors

According to my opinion the term Leader is much associated with Task or mission to be accomplished, effective leader should be able to communicate, guide ,decide and complete the objective . His direct involvement is very much essential at every node of the activity

His decision ,the good skill about lateral thinking are directly affecting the task- TASK only in particular, His activities are so flexible there is always a room for improvement or change in decision etc...

Manager is the person much associated with organization than to a particular task, or he is associated with multiple task and co ordinate all these task towards the higher goals of an organization, it is obvious a manager should be good leader first. He spear head the leaders with his leadership skills. Like any other good leader he too should posses good communication ,decision making apart from that he should be good listener

His decision affects not only the particular task but to the whole organization . He cannot be as flexible as leader as the decision on one particular task should not hamper the objective of another task. He cannot prepare rules and regulation for a particular task only

Hope my views might have input your do0doubt



in a just a single sentence - a manager is a person who specializes in the org.'s nut and bolt stuff ... day to day running .... a leader would be a visionary with a tinge inspiring capacity.

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