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When you see someone behaving in a manner that is unbecoming, or even juvenile, do you think to yourself, “He needs to show some maturity and stop acting like that”? But what do we mean when we say someone needs to show maturity – and even more so, are we mature in our own lives?

To get a better understanding of maturity is let’s take a look at some of the qualities of maturity and see how they relate to our lives and our actions. I am curious to hear if you agree with these or if you judge maturity in an entirely different light.

Maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violence or destruction. How often do we let anger and destructive habits taint our responses to a situation? As stressful as any situation may be, we need to learn how to resolve them without turning towards anger and potentially destructive behavior.

Maturity is patience. It is true what they say: the best things in life often take time to come to fruition. We have to be willing to pass up immediate pleasure or rewards and realize that sometimes the best solution to a problem is to go for the resolution that gives us long-term gain. We may not get what we want today, but in the long run we will grow our lives in a multitude of ways.

Maturity is the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration, discomfort and defeat, without complaint or collapse. Life will present us with any unpleasant situations. Sometimes we will not only face frustration, but also defeat. We must learn that no matter how difficult or unpleasant the situation may be we should face it without complaint or giving up on it altogether. Life is about learning and we can learn a lot from the situations we face that may put us in situations where we would rather not be.

Maturity is humility. The hardest words in the English language to say are “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong”. Yet, these words are growth words – they grow you as a person. There are times when you will be right in life, despite what others have said. Instead of rushing to say “I told you so,” realize that everyone has a different view of reality. You don’t need to gain satisfaction by gloating about an outcome. People will respect you when they see that you are willing to admit your mistakes, and when you are big enough to just let things go.

Maturity is the ability to make a decision and follow through. Doing be a talker, be a doer! So many people have good intentions but they never follow through on them. Don’t spend your entire life thinking of all the ways you can do things and then end up doing nothing.

Maturity means dependability and coming through in a crisis. When you say you are going to do something, do everything in your power to make it happen. If you find out you cannot do something you said you were going to do, be sure to let the other party know why and explain alternative options. Get organized in life so that people learn that they can depend on you and know that when you say you will do something they can guarantee that what you say is golden.

Maturity is the art of living in peace. Know that there are some things in life we simply cannot change and be accepting of that. Also know that there are opportunities to change things in this world. With this knowledge you can have the courage to go forth and help bring about change for the better. Have the wisdom to know when you can make a difference and when you must be accepting of what is presented to you despite how you feel to the contrary.

Maturity is a trait that can change our lives in untold ways. What impression will you leave upon others?

Written by David B. Bohl of Slow Down Fast.

21st January 2008 From India, Bangalore

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Seema Singh
Hr-education Industry
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Good write up,
However in the most simplest and shortest explanation i can define maturity is the art of handling our own self with grace and attitude, attitude at the right time and place and in the right manner
21st January 2008 From India, Mumbai
I agree with sandeep that Maturity comes with age.

There are two angles to this topic- one is agreeing to maturity as a trait in our personality so that we deal with situations in a wiser manner - rather than submitting to our whims and fancies which some people term as ego problems. No one would negate the need to develop the maturity attitude and, more often than not, life's ups and downs help us in developing the same. This is not to say that aging process, on its on, guarantees the maturity. A concious effort is still needed, even in perfectly normal circumstances to enhance one's skills in that direction.

The other angle is trying to find a fine balance between the innocent child in us and the mature person that we want to be. Curosity towards new things / enthusiasm for learning / being happy for no particular reason / open to risk / trying to beat the norms (once in a while) - are some of the manifestaions that I can think of now, which make us feel alive and young in life. The peppy attitude is a part of learning as well. Too much of seriousness may deprive you of many unexpected joys of life.

The bottom line can be- "Enjoy life; with responsiblity and maturity!"

Want to see some reactions from my fellow friends.
22nd January 2008 From India, Lucknow
Very nice point of view. Yes, while we strive to be more mature & wise we still have to retain our curiosity & innocence.
Be childlike--not childish!
Maturity can not happen without constant learning,right?
Keep posting.
Have a nice day!
22nd January 2008 From India, Bangalore
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