hi.. PLZ help me out by telling EMPLOYEES BENEFIT /WELFARE SCHEMES in INDIA. this is my research project topic... help in forming project regards nidhi
4th April 2006 From United States, Kalamazoo

Hr Professional

Employee Benefits Schemes:

All the benefits which are monetary or non monetary but not the part of direct salary are called as employee benefits. In short all the fringe benefits provided to the employees by an organization are called as employee benefits:

Broadly there are four basic types of benefits plans:

1- Pay supplements (Compensation for non working periods)
2- Insurance (Group insurance, medical insurance, LIC etc.)
3- Retirement Benefits and (This applicable in Govt. Sector only)
4- Services (Old age homes, Child care units etc.)

As you told me that your organization is at the primary stage and intended to start employee benefits schemes. In this regards following things can be done for the employee benefits viz.

1- Medi claim policy
2- Holiday tour
3- Transportation
4- Uniform
5- Canteen
6- Routine health check up
7- Career Counselling
8- Festival gifts
9- GPA
10- Soft loans free from interest
11- Advancement training at the cost of company
12- Family get together
13- Sick leave pay
14- Supplement pay
15- Best attendance awards

You can introduce 1 2 6 8 10 11 13 15 in your organization in terms of employee benefit scheme.

NOTE- introduce those schemes only which you feel as motivating factor and cost saving as per your organization. Because once you will start providing benefits to your employees it will not be very much motivating after some times, but their absence, can de motivate them so easily, SO APPLY WITH CARE
15th May 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Last week a friend sent me an article on ‘What is Professionalism’. It was a thought provoking article, and yet, the thing that stuck with me like glue was the line that read: “Professionalism is not in the job you do, but in how you do the job.” I’ve often thought that the HR’s role in a company was perhaps the most difficult. A number of companies implement guidelines, introduce incentives, invite guest speakers, organise seminars/ company events and more. Often those of you that work in HR tend to feel like you’re going blue in the face just trying to think of new ideas/ gimmicks, that can help those new (and old) hires to maximise their potential and be satisfied with their job or work-environment. But wait! Think out of the box and you will be pleasantly rewarded.
Ultimately the goal is to inspire your employees to strive to be professionals for the sake of quality output. Here are some more ideas to keep your employees satisfied:

Music band

Ask the musically talented employees to put together a show for the company which they can perform on talent night, during lunch hours, or on any other such relevant occasion.

Board game night

Scrabble, carom, cards, monopoly.

Karaoke/’jam’ Sessions

Music evening for the singers, musically talented or otherwise.


Education courses/diplomas

Company sponsored part-time MBA’s / Engineering etc. for higher learning & career growth.

Surprise lunches

Occasionally hire a live band, or decorate the cafeteria to keep things exciting and new, organise a surprise catering crew outdoors on certain festivals or important days.

Casual Mondays’

Minimise the Monday blues by declaring it a ‘casual’ dress day.

Theme Parties

Office parties with different dress/ ambience/ themes (e.g. cowboy, 60/ 70’s, disco theme, etc.).

Workplace decorations

Put up cricket posters during cricket season/ football during the world cup/ tennis, pink balloons for Women’s Day, a surprise red rose on the desk of each employee for Valentines Day, etc.

Fun dress codes

Ethnic wear, all-pink-day for girls/ blue for boys, all in company logo T-shirts (this can even be a nice way to advertise for your company free of cost!), all in something with stripes, bright colours, etc.

Remember that these are only ideas. You know best what will work for your specific situation. Plan well & achieve great results!

15th May 2008 From India, Gurgaon
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