Hello friends,,
Need some advice on the following topic, according to the given format:
Project Requirements:
1- To develop a policy for employee motivation in an organization.
2- To develop procedures for implementing motivation techniques, and
3- To evaluate employee outcomes through motivation techniques.
Suggested Project Format:
The project report shall comprise on 1000 words or 7 pages. The lay out of the assignment can vary according to the nature. However the following format would help to organize the report in a logical order:
1- Brief Introduction/Need/Objective/Problem Definition.
2- Detail of the Current Scenario/Problem/Structure/Practice.
3- Process of problem solving including the tools used. Approach of Project Plan.
4- Recommendations.
5- Benefits that will occur after implementation.
6- What will it take to implement the project.
7- Conclusions.
I'd appreciate if you could share your points. Kindly email your reply at:

2nd April 2006 From Pakistan, Karachi

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here i will share my ideas with you and then try tackle problem in a new angle.

first of all you have included that you want to develop a motivation policy for an organization. now for me this is like knocking your head against a huge rock. because poeple are unique our wants and needs differ and take different shapes at different times. therefore its not possible to develop one unique policy to motivate people.

in addition to this all most all organizations take different steps to motivate employees. some of these are;



annual increments,

financial benefit to family members


foreign scholarships

foreign holiday tours

local and foreign training

foreign appointments

higher responsibilities etc

all most all theories on motivation discusses various types of measures towards motivating employees.

so what you could do iny our project is to review how far financial incentives motivates employees? whether higher salary motivate employee? current context of job satisfaction linked with motivation? etc.

i hope what i have discussed would be useful for you.

2nd April 2006 From Sri Lanka
Thanks Shamil for taking your time in replying to my post. I agree with you that according to the different nature of people it's not possible to develop a "Unique Policy" but atleast one can prepare a "Standard Policy". The way you have explained different steps can be some of the major motivating factors for employees, and I appreciate your thoughts.
Honestly speaking this is my first project and therefore I need to look at some real policies/formats on employee motivation, which is implemented in an organization ranging from 10 to 100 staff members. I would be highly obliged if you or any other fellow HR can share such a written policy or document.
I look forward for your response, and once agan thanks for writing.
3rd April 2006 From Pakistan, Karachi
there is a book by name of Training methods in HRD & OD by Dr. UDAI Pareek. It has different instruments for survey of motivation.
First, you need to know , what actually motivates employee, whether intrinsic or extrinsic motivators. then, u also need to know motivation behavior. & finally motivation style.
I hope, u can very easily finish off ur project, if u refer the book i have mentioned.
3rd April 2006 From India, Ahmadabad
Well thank you very much Ekta jee. I will sure refer to Dr. UDAI Pareek’s book on "Training Methods in HRD & OD". I hope that it will help me in completion of my project.
5th April 2006 From Pakistan, Karachi
HI, Ekta
This is mutturaj pursuing MBA, and i need information about
" Role of Fring Benefits to motivate an emploee in an Organisation"
please, share your ideas in this regard.
thanking you
14th June 2006
Dear Adnan,
Before your project, i suggest you can refer the associate satisfaction survey conducted in your organisation, you can find a lot of points what an employee expects in organization , you can also refer some of exit interview documentation to undersatnd what actually to be implemented. This can bring a conclusion of what need to be focused to improve .....
23rd July 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hai dear friends ,
Myself , Nimisha joshy am doing mba in wales university , United kingdom. now i am in dissertation stage and my project topic is on "employee motivation'. I have seen u in Cite HR website. hope u finished ur project submission, if u dont mind , can u pls do a favour for me by sending ur project report to my mail id .
Thanking you
wai8ng for your reply
12th October 2009 From United Kingdom, Wrexham
this jemi pursuing MBA, now i am doing my project on employee motivation in dairy related industry, will any one help me to design "sample design" and which group i should concentrate as my sample in the industry..........i am barely in need of this....will any one guide me to get through it....
thanking you
30th October 2009 From India, Coimbatore
Hi, Adnan, tell me one simple thing...... What is it that motivate you? ..... Ask ... motivating you in all dimensions .... Physical ..that's comforts... Mental...that's intellect...Social..that's recogntion and rewards etc.....spiritual..that's inner strength..Emotions...that's behaviour.. look at each and ask what your orgn. should do to keep you satisfied in each of these area.. Reading books, taking inputs is OK because they give you base.. But for your orgn what is best would come when you would look at it from your perspective as an employee.. Being original is very satisfying.. Trust me..
25th January 2010 From India, Pune

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