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Hi Friends,

The following article is about Passion, how to nurture and work on it and what changes it can bring. I am inspired by this and acceletarting my efforts to start NOW. Hope you will also enjoy this.


By passion, I mean an activity that when you do it or even speak about it, you get excited. You come alive. Your enthusiasm bubbles over.

Some people are fortunate enough to be in a career where they pursue their passion each and every day. These are the people who love going to work. Let's face it. If you hate what you're doing all day, it's tough to have a positive attitude.

For the purpose of this article, I'm concentrating on areas where you take an active role. For example, you could be passionate about watching sports as a spectator, but that's not what I'm getting at. I'm asking you to identify opportunities where you can participate. It doesn't have to be something where you work up a sweat. You could collect stamps or coins or comic books. You could study art history and visit museums. You could write a book. Only you know what gets your juices flowing.

I know what some of you are thinking. You're saying to yourself, "I know what my passion is, but it would be unrealistic for me to pursue it right now. I have a mortgage to pay. I have to help support my family. It's just not possible for me to quit my job and do what I love."

Rest assured, I'm NOT suggesting that you act irresponsibly. You don't have to quit your job to pursue your passion. Lots of people use this as an excuse. The truth is, you can treat your passion as a hobby at the outset. That's what I did. I loved motivational materials so much that I started to think about how I could share this information with others. All I knew was that I was passionate about this material and wanted to do something with it.

I was still a practicing attorney at the time. I was also someone who never took risks, who always played it safe. I certainly didn't see how I could work this into my life. Then I got an adult education catalog in the mail at home, describing night courses being given at the local high school. In the back of the catalog, there was a page that said, "Are you interested in teaching a course? If so, let us know your area of expertise and send us an outline." I submitted an outline, and much to my surprise, I got a call that the outline was approved and my class would start in a few months.

Since the course was at night, I was able to teach after working my regular day job as an attorney. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and it opened up a whole new world for me. I'm not telling you this story to pat myself on the back. The point here is this: you can keep working at your regular job and still follow your passion. I actually treated my passion a hobby for five years while phasing out my legal career.

Let me share another example. David Baldacci was a lawyer with a wife and two children. Yet he had a passion to be a writer. Between 10pm and 2am every night, he worked on his writing. He had fun doing this - it wasn't a chore. He did this for 10 straight years and completed some short stories and screen plays. His sales during this period: ZERO. Then, in 1996, he received millions of dollars for the literary and movie rights to his thriller Absolute Power. Clint Eastwood starred in the movie. Baldacci has gone on to write many other best-selling novels. By following his passion and keeping a great attitude, his efforts paid off, big-time.

I'm guessing most of you have a passion you're not following right now. Maybe you want to be a writer. Maybe you'd like to sing, perform in a band, or do stand-up comedy. Perhaps you have talent working with your hands or you're a great cook with some unique recipes. You just know that when you think about, speak about or actually do this activity, you feel passionately alive. Time seems to pass quickly. You're completely absorbed and in the moment.

I think every person comes to this earth with special talents to express. You have talents that you bring to the table and you express that talent in a way that nobody else does. You feel positive, fulfilled and happy when you express the talent and you feel like "something is missing" when you refuse to engage in that activity and keep ignoring it. Nature does not give you the desire to do something that you don't have the ability to do. You have the desire to purse this passion because it is something you were meant to develop - and more often than not, when you develop this talent and express it, you're going to make a positive contribution to the lives of others as well.

Following my passion led to a career change. But that isn't the case with everyone. You can have lots of fun and enjoyment pursuing your passion while remaining in your current line of work. In fact, you'll find that your enthusiasm carries over to your full-time job.

That's why I keep saying that you don't have to quit your job. Put that excuse to bed. Find some way to do what you love. Take the time you've been watching TV or reading the negative articles in the newspaper and re-allocate it to pursuing your passion.

By the way, just because you're passionate about doing something doesn't mean you'll be able to do it well right away. In most instances, you have to develop the talent, and be willing to face your fears.

I had a passion for communicating motivational ideas, but at the beginning I had no experience in public speaking. I had to develop that talent over a period of years. I also had to learn to improve my writing skills. The same is true with you. Here again, don't use the excuse that you're not good enough to pursue your particular passion. If you love to sing, but you think you're not good enough, take singing lessons. Sing badly at the beginning, but SING!

When you follow your passion, you'll be much more positive and excited about your life. That will transfer over into other activities as well. And you'll be amazed at how opportunities open up for you. I'm not saying your passion is guaranteed to make you a lot of money. It may, but then again it may not. In any case, don't have money as your primary focus. You'll be a happier, more fulfilled person when you follow your passion. And, take it from me, it's a decision you will never regret, and it will do wonders for your attitude.

About Author--

Jeff Keller, President of Attitude is Everything, Incorporated, works with organizations that want to develop achievers and with managers who want their people to be more positive. Jeff is a speaker, seminar leader and writer in the area of motivation and human potential. He delivers his uplifting presentations to businesses, associations and educational institutions.


Subhash.RV :D

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. Subhash,
Your Article is very refreshing..actually it speaks volumes about rejuvenating one's life.even to enjoy one has to do SOMETHING rather than otherwise...this seems to be a good answer to excuses which we all seems to make all the time that i would have done many things but actually never got the time.
thnx and waiting for more :lol:

Thank you Nada and Ilaivyinc.

Along with this story I have attached some of the Yanni's quotes...

Yanni, an amazing story….

By Catherine Pulsifer

I first hear his music at a seminar I was attending. The music helped me focus, there were no words, but the instruments and the melody were uplifting, yet relaxing.

I asked the instructor about the music and he told me it was Yanni. Yanni, I wondered, who was he?

I purchased his CD and fell in love with this music with no words. The music inspired my thinking in a positive way. I found I was recalling positive thoughts as I listened to it. Over the years I bought more of Yanni's CDs but knew little of this individual. With each CD his music gave me more motivation and provided a creative space within my mind.

In 2003 I had the opportunity to hear Yanni in concert. A memory that will last a lifetime!

In addition, I was fortunate to receive "Yanni in Words", his autobiography and finally was able to read about this very motivating individual.

His story, a truly motivational one:

He was born and raised in Greece. His upbringing was a simple one, to quote Yanni, "though our family life was simple, I wasn't aware that we were poor. Maybe we didn't have many possessions, but we never went hungry, were cold, or lacked love."

At age 14 he set a national record for breaking the fifty-meter freestyle swim. However, you should be aware that he never had a coach nor did he have any formal personal training. He beat swimmers that had coaches and trained every day for many years. How did he do it? In his book he states, "I believed that anything was possible, or at least because I didn't put together everyone else's 'facts' and believe that winning was impossible."

His parents wanted their children to receive an education in the United States. They sold their house and moved into a rental apartment in order to come up with the money to send their children to get a better education. So at 18 years old, Yanni found himself on a plane to the United States. He arrived speaking very little English. He got a part time job as a dishwasher. In university he struggled as he states in his book, "Every fifth word was unfamiliar. I'd never been so frustrated, but as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I studied with the book, a notebook, and a Greek/English dictionary". He persevered and graduated with a psychology diploma in 1976.

But he then his passion for music took over. While he had his ups and downs, worked with different bands, he had a desire to create his own music. But it was a music that was unlike others. Throughout the book you will read about the challenges he faced. But you will also see his determination. He put it all on the line. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "We are all capable if we have faith and passion." While he did have faith and passion he had many challenges to overcome. It was not an easy ride to success, but his through his faith and a passion he did make it.

A happy ending, not exactly! When he reached success, he had a setback. One, which he overcame, but one which made him look at life and all he had accomplished and made him realize he had to take care of himself.

The story of Yanni and his success is one, which is motivational and inspiring. Thank you Yanni for putting your experiences "in words" so many of us can learn and be motivated by your experiences!


Yanni's quotes

"My father once said, 'If the whole world wants to go left and you feel like going right, go right. You don't have to follow. You don't have to make a big deal about which way you're going. Just go. It's very easy'."

"The less you want, the richer you are. The more you need in order to be happy, the more miserable you'll be."

"My father taught me that one of the most important abilities in life is to be able to take the pain and persevere, and for years this lesson had served me well."

"It's only by living that you grow old."

's Mum

"The most important battle is one to conquer yourself."

"I don't want problems solved for me. I want the fishing rod, not the fish."

"You need a mind open to possibility, conditioned to love the creative spirit we all have inside ourselves."

"Whether a person is spiritual or not, we all seek to get away from the stress, anger, and anxiety of everyday life. Some people drink, do drugs, or do worse to escape, and they hurt themselves in the process. Some people listen to music, mine included, and feel better."

"I don't dwell in the past; I don't wallow in old events and emotions. I don't waste time on regret. No use going over and over the details of what already happened."

"You do good work for a long-enough time, I believed, and you'd get noticed."

"I believe we're responsible for everything that happens to us."

"No matter what happens in life, never lose sight of who you are."

"All you need is passion. If you have a passion for something, you'll create the talent."

"Passion is the fuel."

"Sometimes the knowledge you've been given in school or by an elder - "this is just the way it is" - keeps you from accomplishing because it traps you in a box in your mind and limits your freedom to deliver."

"I believed that anything was possible, or at least because I didn't put together everyone else's "facts" and believe that winning was impossible."

"Endurance is mind over matter,…"

"Don't shortchange yourself. Look beyond now; focus on your future."

's Father

"I don't have a "you can't do this" voice in my head."

"The engaged mind stays sharp and retains tremendous capacity."

"You have to give up some of the old so that you can make room for the new."

"These changes are part of what keeps me interested and excited. Life won't let me keep coming at it from the same angle."

"If my music can change someone's mood for the better even a little bit, that's amazing.

"I was tough on myself because I feared being a lazy procrastinator and the inevitable result: being mediocre or second best. I always went the extra mile."

"I'd decided to take the risk, and either I'd succeed or else."

"You do good work for a long-enough time, I believed, and you'd get noticed."

" 'Look in the mirror', he said. 'Don't blame the government or the economy. Don't point at anyone else. It's up to you.' "

's Friend Tom

Taking responsibility gives me a sense of control."

"I think we have much more to say about what happens to us than most people believe."

"It's a cliché - but true - that life is not a dress rehearsal. You get to do it once, so do it well."

"It seems that in every culture, however tough life is and however impossible the conditions, there are some resilient human beings who find their way through, who survive and make something of themselves."

"All I had to do was do it."

"I've always lived in the moment."

"Being happy with less is what makes a great human being, not a big house with marble floors, or everyone knowing who you are."

"Nobody could believe in me the way I believed in myself."

"Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don't give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life's problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works."

"We're all capable if we have faith and passion."

"My new question was, What do you do when your dreams come true? My answer was: Find new ones."

"On the plane home I remember thinking that I am who I am because I have faith in myself, and it has always been the possibility of emotionally rewarding the experiences that has encouraged me to gamble on myself; those experiences have made all that I do worthwhile."

"Of all the forces that are exerted on us over our lifetime, at least for me, love has been the most powerful of all."

"That adage about genius being 5 percent inspiration and 95 perspiration - it's true."

"The more doubt you have, the less likely it is that the creation will come to life." From : Words of Wisdom

From India, Hyderabad
hi to all reading this thread....
all the posts are really nice and very positive.....
i fully agree with wat Subhash said in his post ... passion is the key to happiness..
i am in a similar state... don't like to see myself 5 yrs from now in the profession that i am in right now.
but the money n security factor mentioned is very true ... infact that is the reason i am still here ...
hope i am able to follow my passion too ... n hope everyone else also can do so in someway or the other.

From India, Pune
Hi Subhash,
Nice piece on motivation and inspiring too!!! Keep posting more positive articles like these. It can really help move the world.
I have found a job that where feel I "fit in" and the feeling that you are eagerly waiting to start each day is really true. And that is in the HR line. Each day is different and unique and I truly appreciate and enjoy the challenge each day brings.
I hope everyone finds a job they love to do and then it wont be a job anymore. It'll be more fun than work.Right???

From India, Bellary
Hi June,

I always believe in one thing..

" Love the job you do and you never work for life "

I am very happy to know that you already doing that.

Not only that your contribution, your interest , your efforts to that particular job will atomatically increase.

On this note one from Ralph Marston..

Fuel for positive action

The way to deal with the negative energy of worry is to transform it into fuel for positive action. Instead of being obsessed with what might happen, put your focus on what you are doing.

When worry is the only outlet for your concerns, those concerns will grow more and more troubling. Not only does worry fail to address those concerns, it drains time and resources that could otherwise be put to productive use.

Focused, purposeful, effective action, on the other hand, points all your energy in a positive direction. And it soon creates a favorable momentum.

Because of that momentum, little annoyances and distractions that otherwise would have brought you down are transformed into compelling reasons to push forward. When you are focused on action, even the setbacks give you fuel for yet more action.

When you sense a worry on the horizon of your thoughts, stop and consider this. What positive, productive thing can you do, right here and now, that will drain the power from that worry before it ever gets to you?

Get in the habit of seeing that every concern, every possible situation, provides fuel for positive action. Use that fuel to move yourself forward, and no longer will worry be an issue.

From India, Hyderabad
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