Hi, I am currently working in a company. Now, my uncle’s family has filed cases against my family, including me, under sections 506 and 509; my client does BGV; how much will it affect us?
From India, Hyderabad

Hi Hari,

Background Verification (BGV) by clients is a common practice for companies to assess the credibility and integrity of their employees. However, the impact of legal cases on your employment depends on various factors, including the nature of the allegations, the company's policies, and local laws.

Sections 506 and 509 are sections of the Indian Penal Code. Section 506 deals with criminal intimidation, while Section 509 deals with words, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman. The impact on your job may depend on the severity of the charges, whether they result in a conviction, and the company's policies regarding legal issues.

Here are some general considerations:

Company Policy:
Check your company's policies regarding legal matters and background checks. Some companies may have specific guidelines on how they handle employees with legal issues.

It's essential to be honest with your employer about the situation. If your company asks about legal matters, provide accurate and transparent information. Failure to disclose relevant information can have more severe consequences.

Severity of Charges:
The nature and severity of the charges can influence the impact on your employment. Serious criminal charges may have a more significant effect than less severe ones.

Legal Outcome:
If the case is ongoing, the final legal outcome can also play a role. If you are acquitted or the charges are dropped, it may have a different impact than if there is a conviction.

Legal Advice:
Consult with a legal professional who can provide guidance based on the specific details of your case and the applicable laws.

the impact on your job will depend on the specific circumstances and the policies of your employer. It's crucial to seek legal advice to understand your rights and obligations in this situation.


From India, Bangalore

Hi Hari,
I think there is remote possibility of BGV come across court cases pending against the family. However some employer insists or you are required to file a 'Police Verification Certificate' from the SP/Commissioner of Police. And what's the status of the case, are you/family arrested, any FIR filed or on remand/let out on bail, any charge sheet filed in the court ? In any case you can't afford to suppress the fact of pending cases while giving your profile details. If the things are worry some better file petition in higher court/HC praying relieving you from the FIR.

From India, Bangalore
Currently case is under pending under court .
From India, Hyderabad

Case is currently pending under court me put a3 and my dad and mother a1 and a2,any we have evidence that case is false,but it's take may be 1 year or 2 year meanwhile how can I overcome,because it's related to my career,will company can trust ?

From India, Hyderabad
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