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I have resigned for a company and have accepted a role starting october 1st, i had a word with the hr and they said that i cannot resign until the resignation has been accepted and i will not be able to leave until theres a replacement and knowledge transfer for the same. I will be sending an absconding resignation letter stating that i am resigning immediately, i dont need any docs from the company since im shifting domain. Kindly advice if my actions are right
From India, Mumbai


It is lawful for employees to leave their jobs at any moment by submitting Resignation letter with the Employer. However serving proper notice period as per employment terms is must. Employer cannot hold the resignation of an employee just they are not able to find suitable replacement. So in all fairness you need to serve proper notice period as per your Employment terms. Absconding without information ( even after submitting resignation) is not right. Even if you change your Domain where ever possible try to negotiate with your employer and get relieved properly. During future Background verification process your current employer may share negative feedback. Also if you are having PF, you might witness overlapping issues in relieving and joining date. So just apply your mind and take a call.

From India, Madras
I have sent a resignation stating that i want it reduced to a month , in my next letter im mentioning that i can only commit to 1 month of notice period provided it is wfh otherwise i shall resign effective immediately and pay any compensation if applicable
From India, Mumbai

Hi, Please talk to your HR by person and look for amicable solution.
From India, Madras

To work or not to work further is the discrete right of the employee.
The employee is free to take that decission and can resign from the job as when he/shee considers proper.
The acceptance or non-acceptance of the resignation is the employer's decision.
The day employee's resignation is recived by the employer is the beginning day of notice period. In legal terms, the employee has to continue the job till the last day of Notice Period.
The employer is bound by the law to end the employment with in the length of notice period, provided the employee is not entangled in any disciplinary action or any such proceedings in progress against him/her.
Similarly, employee is bound by the terms of appointment.
The relaxation in notice period or to exempt any of the clauses of exit, is the discrete power of the employer.

From India, Mumbai

What our members PRABHAT RANJAN and Lakshmi Narayanan mentioned is right, Leave on a positive note by obliging your terms and conditions of your contract.

Even for arguments sake you don't show your current experience in your resume thinking it will not show up in verification and apply else where, you may get a job.

However, Post selection if the company found out about it (say e.g. Past EPF contributions), that in it self can become a misconduct for withholding of information. Large organizations treat that seriously.

Speak to you HR and arrive at a solution.

In case you are going for higher studies absconding may not be such a big problem, however would still suggest to leave on a positive note.


From India, undefined
I've submitted my resignation, but the management is refusing it, claiming that the letter won't be effective until they accept. Additionally, they threaten to provide the new employer negative comments. I've successfully finished all of my other tasks and responsibilities in addition to my one-month notice. Are they allowed to threaten me? will this affect my new carrier ?
From India, Chennai
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