hiiiiiiii all, i just want suggestions 4m all of u abt a small topic "HOW TO START UP WITH HR" d thing is;if in a co. dere is no hr pept den hw to start it??
From India, Delhi
Hi Raashi,

Does your question meant that in a company where there is no HR dept, how to establish one?

One simple thing for the company would be to hire a HR Mgr and he'll take care of the rest ( he will hire an addditional HR exec, make and implement policies, procedures and processes and will handle the dept)

This certainly depends upon the strength of the company and if they are expanding and can afford to hire a HR mgr.

The hardway if you want to setup HR from scratch yourself then there are few processes & policieswhich you have to start by yourself and then make sure they are implemented.

Few processes you can align are Leave Policy, Attendance, ESI (where applicable), PF Accounts, and then you can expand it like you can train someone for Inductiuon Trailing, you can prepare the HR Mannual ( by the way HR mannual is posted on this site, which will be very usefull for you)

you have to hire a HR Exec of Asst Mgr in later stages consequently to manage HR but these simple things you can take care yourself.

Hope this will be of some help.



From India, Delhi
thanx saurabh......
ya i mean dat a co. with a strenth of 100 employees and r expecting to grow in future has to set up an HR dept then what r things to keep in mind by an HR exec..........
this co. is dealing in sports goods mftg................
thanx 4 rep n waiting 4 more suggestions............

From India, Delhi
Hi Raashi,

HR in a whole is a vast field, when you are establishing HR, you have to first design the HR manual, here are the things reqd in the manual as posted by Madhri

Org Structure

General HR Policies:

Recruitment Policy

Training & Development Policy

Performance Apprasisal Policy

Leave Policy

Travel Policy

Local Conveyance policy

Mobile Policy

and you could include other HR Policies that your organization follows

You could also give details on:

Induction for New Employees

Probationary Period

Office Hours

Lunch Period

Break Periods

Permission during Work Hours

Personnel Files

Personal Data Changes

Dress Code

Employment Termination


Health Related Issues

Insurance on Personal Effects

Supplies; Expenditures; Obligating the Company

Expense Reimbursement


Visitors in the Work Place

Absence without Notice

Sexual Harassment

Telephone Usage

Public Image


Substance Abuse

Internet Usage

You have to choose and design the manual as well as lay out the general policies from all the above said things, most importantly you have to make sure that processes you are making are implemented.

It will be a huge task for you alone but you'll learn quite a lot.

You can delegate some of the responsibilities like Attendance, ESI and PF to Admin dept.(The policy you have to design yourself, the tasks Admin can manage)

Read the Labor Laws, Minimum wages Act and factory acts, you are gonna need it while deciding the policies and salaries.

You'll have to prepare a database of all employees presently working with your firm for their joining dates, employee codes, DOB, contact details, address, e-mail ids, Salary details etc.

You an use the same database to decide who's due for appraisal/increment , trainings, KRAs etc

(I think you can get the employee database from the accounts dept, they must have a complete list of all employees with their present salary)

Get the Holiday's list from the labour officer ( if you are in Punjab they have lots of State Govt approved Holidays) and after deciding the final list with GM or your employer, display it on Notice Board for all employees

You have to give the KRAs after discussing with the concerned employee supervisor/Team Lead, OR you can delegate this responsinility to the Team Leads/Supervisors to design the KRAs for their team members and submit a copy with HR.(Remember to take the feedback from the employee about the KRA, if all the opoints mentioend are according to his profile and if is satisfied with it or if he has any suggestion to make)

Do the appraisals for old employees as per the process in your firm.If there is no process till now, you have to implement one; appraisals/increments for old employees will be done in this case based on their performances and feedback from the Lead/Supervisor/Manager, also a factor you have to consider is their educational qualifications and hands on experience (previous exp + exp with your firm)

Next appraisal will be done as per the KRA

Part of HR is handling recruitments, if your employer decide to extend HR with a Recruitment division, you will be saved otherwise you have to do the recruitments also, as you mentioned they are looking to expand.

Check out your firm's competitors and find out ppl working with them.You can always find few good matches from other firms working in same area.

(Now you are gonna need help while shortlisting the resumes and conducting the interviews so you can always involve the Team/Lead and supervisors in this process)

Check out your Preferred third Party consultants if you were working with them in the past, the kind of profiles they can search and submit for your requirements.

You have to prepare the Induction Manual and give Induction training to all new joinees.

Make a general format for Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Releiving Letter, Termination Letter, Warnig Letter, Salary Structure and save it to your comp, use them where they are required.

You can setup a Suggestion/Complaint box where it is accessible to all employees easily that is to be check on regular basis, sometimes employees may surprise you with good suggestions

This is just the beginning, good luck.

Hope this might give you some idea.



From India, Delhi
Hi Raashi,
For your convenience, i have just brought the post DEVELOPING HRD- MUST READ THIS FRESHERS.. into the main index.
Would suggest you to go through the post and I hope you will get your answers, for I was also in the same position as of yours.
This post has lot of to the point answers with seniors.

From India, Delhi

Hi Raashi,

The following post was posted by Mr.Leo Lingham long time back, which I had saved and now forwarding to you for your action :




-understand the organization

-understand the organization structure

-understand the organization systms

-understand the organization politics/influential people

-understand the organization / individual roles

-understand the organization / positions

-understand the individual job descriptions

-understand the job/ job specifications


To win confidence / trust,

you need to show credibility/ functional knowledge level.

Initially, please do not rush with too many things.

Take one thing at a time and do a thorough job.

Everything must be done right at the first time.



Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Forms

Table of Contents


ADM.101 Personnel Records


1.0 Employee Information

2.0 HR Personnel Records

3.0 Contents of Personnel Files

4.0 Employee's Personnel Records Review

5.0 Management Review of Personnel Files

6.0 Company Release Of Employee Information

7.0 Record Retention and Long-Term Storage

8.0 Record Destruction


Ex1 Personnel Records Access Log

Ex2 HR Records Retention Periods

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

ADM.102 Form Development


1.0 Form Development and Format

2.0 Authorization and Printing

3.0 Form Numbering and Placement

4.0 Forms Index and Manual


Ex1 Form Printing Request

----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

ADM.103 Document Control


1.0 Document Distribution

2.0 Document Revision

3.0 Document

4.0 Temporary Changes


103 Ex1 Request For Document Change (RDC)

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

ADM. 104 Mail & Express Services


1.0 General Mail Usage

2.0 Addressing Mail

3.0 Express Mail

4.0 Overnight Packages

5.0 Additional Information Resources


104 Ex1 Outgoing Mail Register

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

ADM. 105 Telephone Answering


1.0 Answering Techniques and Etiquette

2.0 Answering and Directing Calls

3.0 Taking Messages

4.0 Telephone User's Guide


105 Ex1 Important Message

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

ADM.106 Property & Access Control


1.0 Background Checks

2.0 Physical Access Controls

3.0 Key Controls

4.0 Proprietary Information Controls

5.0 Collection Of Access Controls

6.0 Visitors & Guests


ADM106 Ex1 Key Issue Policy

ADM106 Ex2 Visitor Log

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

ADM.107 Separation


1.0 Resignations

2.0 Involuntary Terminations And Layoffs

3.0 Terminations For Cause

4.0 Termination Meeting

5.0 Additional Information Resources


107 Ex1 Exit Interview Checklist

107 Ex2 Exit References Authorization

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

ADM.108 Workplace Rules & Guidelines


1.0 Alcohol And Drugs

2.0 Breaks And Lunch Time

3.0 Company Property

4.0 Grievances And Complaints

5.0 Inclement Weather

6.0 Parking

7.0 Personal Telephone Calls

8.0 Smoking

9.0 Solicitations

10.0 Suggestions

11.0 Visitors


108 Ex1 Suggestion Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

ADM.109 Human Resources Reports


1.0 Preparation Guidelines

2.0 Occupational Health & Safety Reports

3.0 Equal Opportunity Reports

4.0 Training Plan

5.0 Hiring Status Report

6.0 Compensation Summary


109 EX1 Human Resource Reporting Summary

109 EX2 HR Hiring Status Report

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

ADM.110 Dress Code


1.0 Dress Code

1.1 Business Attire

1.2 Business Casual Attire

1.3 Casual Attire

1.4 Uniformed Attire

1.5 Safety Attire

1.6 Formal Attire

1.7 Inappropriate Attire

1.8 Business Situations

1.9 Recreation & Parties

2.0 Dinners & Receptions

3.0 Personal Hygiene

4.0 Disciplinary Action

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------


HRG.101 Employee Hiring


1.0 Needs Analysis

2.0 Personnel Requisition

3.0 Job Posting & Screening

4.0 Interviewing

5.0 Pre-Employment Screening & Testing

6.0 Background Investigation

7.0 Hiring And Employee Offers

8.0 Motor Vehicle And Equipment Operation

9.0 Applicant Files

10.0 Additional Information Resources


HRG101 Ex1 Personnel Requisition

HRG101 Ex2 Offer Letter

HRG101 Ex3 Personnel Change Notice

HRG101 Ex4 New Employee Hiring Checklist

HRG101 Employment Eligibility Verification .

HRG101 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

HRG102 Job Descriptions


1.0 Job Description Preparation

2.0 Format And Content

2.1 Job Title

2.2 Effective Date

2.3 Department

2.4 Summary Of Functions

2.5 Essential Duties And Responsibilities

2.6 Organizational Relationships

2.7 Qualifications

2.8 Physical Demands

2.9 Work Environment

3.0 Job Description Approval & Distribution


HRG102 Ex1 Job Description Format

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

HRG103 Employment Applications


1.0 Application For Employment

2.0 Application Information

2.1 Personal Information

2.2 Employment Interest

2.3 Education & Training

2.4 Employment History

2.5 Military Service Record

2.6 References

3.0 Compliance Information


HRG103 Ex1 Employment Application

HRG103 Ex2 Employment Application Supplement

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

HRG104 Interviewing Applicants


1.0 Interviewing Objectives

2.0 Resume Examination

3.0 Telephone Interviews

4.0 E-Mail Interviews

5.0 In-Person Interviews


HRG104 Ex1 Employment Interview Questions

HRG104 Ex2 Interview Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

HRG105 Background Investigations


1.0 Background And Hiring

2.0 Investigative Consumer Reporting

3.0 Employee Reference Checks

4.0 Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Inquiry


HRG105 Ex1 Employee Investigation Checklist

HRG105 Ex2 Employee Background Authorization

HRG105 Ex3 New References Authorization

HRG105 Ex4 Reference Check Survey

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Compensation Procedures

COM101 Payroll


1.0 Payroll Records

2.0 Timesheets

3.0 Payroll Deductions

3.1 Worker's Compensation Insurance

3.2 Social Security & Medicare

3.3 State Income Tax

3.4 Earnings Tax

3.5 Tax Withholding Payments

4.0 Payroll Adjustments

4.1 Advances

4.2 Garnishments

5.0 Paychecks

5.1 Direct Deposit

5.2 Lost Paychecks

5.3 Final Paychecks

6.0 Vacation Pay

7.0 Additional Information Resources


COM101 Ex1 Monthly Time Sheet

COM101 Ex2 Central Govt. Tax Calendar

COM101 Ex3 Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization

----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

COM102 Paid & Unpaid Leave


1.0 Paid Time Off

2.0 Unpaid Time Off

3.0 Absence Request And Notification

4.0 Holidays

5.0 Vacation Eligibility

5.1 Vacation Schedules

5.2 Vacation Over Holidays

6.0 Additional Information Resources


COM102 Ex1 Absence Request Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

COM103 Insurance Benefits


1.0 Life Insurance

2.0 Long Term Disability Insurance

3.0 Social Security

4.0 Workers' Compensation

5.0 Wage Continuation

6.0 Unemployment Compensation

7.0 Health Insurance

8.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

COM104 Healthcare Benefits


1.0 Cost And Premiums

2.0 Eligibility

3.0 Enrollment

4.0 Coverage

5.0 Filing A Claim

6.0 Termination And Conversion Of Coverage

7.0 Additional Information Resources


COM104 Ex1 Benefits Enrollment/Change Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

COM105 Employee Retirement Income Security


1.0 Plan Administration

1.1 Investment Policy Statement

1.2 Fidelity Bond

1.3 Fiduciary Liability Insurance

1.4 Employer Matching

1.5 In-Service Loans And Withdrawals

2.0 Employee Participation

3.0 Notice Procedures

3.1 Initial Notice

3.2 Annual Notices

4.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------

COM106 Consolidated Budget Reconciliation


1.0 Plan Administration

2.0 Qualifying Events

3.0 Notice Procedure

4.0 Benefits Protection

6.0 Enforcement

7.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Development Procedures

DEV101 Development Management


1.0 Development Planning

2.0 Training Effectiveness

3.0 Training Records

4.0 Training Courses

5.0 Performance Evaluations

6.0 Additional Information Resources


DEV101 Ex1 Training Plan

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

DEV102 Training Reimbursement


1.0 Eligibility

2.0 Approved Programs

3.0 Reimbursement


DEV102 Ex 1 Request For Training

----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

DEV103 Computer User & Staff Training


1.0 MIS Training And Certification

2.0 MIS/LAN User Training

3.0 E-Mail Training

4.0 Software Applications

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

DEV104 Internet & E-Mail Acceptable Use


1.0 Acceptable Use

2.0 Inappropriate Use

3.0 Internet And E-Mail Etiquette

4.0 Security

5.0 User Compliance

6.0 Additional Information Resources


DEV104 Ex1 Computer And Internet Usage Policy

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

DEV105 Performance Appraisals


1.0 Performance Appraisal Guidelines

2.0 Appraisal Preparation

3.0 Appraisal Discussion

4.0 Salary Adjustments

5.0 Appraisal Conclusion

6.0 Additional Information Resources


DEV105 Ex1 Self Appraisal Form

DEV105 Ex2 Performance Appraisal Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- --------

DEV106 Employee Discipline


1.0 Introduction To Misconduct

2.0 Responses To Misconduct

2.1 Verbal Warning

2.2 Written Warning

2.3 Suspension

2.4 Termination

3.0 Serious Misconduct

4.0 Very Serious Misconduct

5.0 Inexcusable Misconduct

6.0 Misconduct Investigations

DEV106 Ex1 Disciplinary Notice

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Compliance Procedures

CMP101 Workplace Safety


1.0 Worksite Analysis

2.0 Hazard Prevention And Control

2.1 Safe Work Procedures

2.2 Protective Equipment

2.3 Fire Prevention

3.0 Hazard Communication Program

4.0 Medical Emergencies

5.0 Workplace Safety Training

6.0 Reporting And Record Keeping

7.0 Additional Information Resources


CMP101 Ex1 Safety Suggestion Sheet

CMP101 Ex2 Workplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist

CMP101 Ex3 Workplace Safety Action Plan

CMP101 Ex4 Workplace Safety Rules

CMP101 Ex5 Index of Hazardous Chemicals

CMP101 PDF Material Safety Data Sheet

CMP101 PDF Injuries and Illness Log

CMP101 PDF Summary of Injuries and Illness

CMP101 PDF Injuries and Illness Incident Report

CMP101 PDF Instructions for for OSHA Forms

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

CMP102 People With Disabilities


1.0 Background

2.0 Who Is Covered?

3.0 Employment Issues

4.0 Public Accommodations

5.0 Enforcement Of The Act

6.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

CMP103 Annual And Medical Leave


1.0 Reasons For Taking Leave

2.0 Advance Notice And Medical Certification

3.0 Job Benefits And Protection

4.0 Unlawful Acts

5.0 Enforcement

6.0 Employer Notices

7.0 Additional Information Resources


CMP103 Ex 1 Certification Of Healthcare Provider

CMP103 Ex 2 Employer Response To Employee Request

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

CMP104 Drug Free Workplace


1.0 General

2.0 Prohibitions

3.0 Authorized Use Of Prescription Medicine

4.0 Drug Awareness Program

5.0 Disciplinary Actions

6.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

CMP105 Health Insurance Portability And Accountability


1.0 Management

1.1 Privacy Standards

2.0 Medical Records Maintenance

3.0 Medical Records Access

4.0 Additional Information Resources


CMP105 HIPAA Authorization Form

----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

CMP106 Harassment & Discrimination


1.0 Unacceptable Behavior

2.0 Complaint

3.0 Corrective Measures

4.0 Enforcement

5.0 Additional Information Resources

----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

Job Descriptions Tab






Non-discriminatory language

Active voice

Action verbs Plain English


Effective Date


Summary Of Functions

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

Grouping Several Tasks Into A Single Responsibility

Responsibility Statements

Delegated Responsibilities

Organizational Relationships

Reporting Relationships

The Organization’s Environment


Mandatory Requirements

Key Selection Criteria

Physical Demands

Work Environment

Job Performance

Job Descriptions

Reasonable Accommodation



Accounting Manager

Credit Manager

Customer Service Manager


Employee Handbook


1.0 The Company Philosophy

1.1 The Company Mission

1.2 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Action Plan

1.3 Employment-At-Will

1.4 Sexual Harassment

1.5 Safety

1.5.1 Safety Rules

1.5.2 Hazardous Wastes

1.5.3 Reporting Injuries and Accidents

1.6 Drug Free Workplace

1.6.1 Prohibitions

1.6.2 Drug Awareness Program

1.6.3 Disciplinary Actions


2.0 Personnel Administration

2.1 HR Personnel Records

2.1.1 Contents of Personnel Files

2.1.2 Employee Information

2.1.3 Employee's Request for Review of Personnel Records

2.1.4 Management Review of Personnel Files

2.2 Service

2.2.1 Employee Categories

2.2.2 Job Posting Procedures

2.2.3 Employment of Relatives

2.2.4 Employment of Minors

2.2.5 Promotions

2.2.6 Transfer of Employees

2.2.7 Separation of Employment

2.2.8 Work force Reductions

2.2.9 Probationary Period

2.2.10 Extra Income

2.3 Process Improvement

2.3.1 Employee-Management Forums

2.3.2 Employee Suggestion Program


3.0 Benefit Eligibility

3.1 Payroll Information

3.1.1 Time Records

3.1.2 Pay Periods

3.1.3 Salary Compensation for Partial Pay Period

3.1.4 Pay Rate Schedule – Hourly Paid Employees

3.1.5 Payroll Deductions

3.1.6 Overtime

3.1.7 Payroll Errors

3.1.8 Garnishment of Employee Wages

3.1.9 Authorized Check Pickup

3.1.10 Pay at Time of Separation

3.2 Attendance & Leave

3.2.1 Medical Leave Policy

3.2.2 Sick Leave Credit Limit

3.2.3 Sick Leave Policy – Usage

3.2.4 Medical, Dental and Optical Appointments

3.2.5 Exhaustion of Accumulated Sick Leave

3.2.6 Pallbearer, Funeral, Emergency Leave

3.2.7 Civic Leave or Jury Duty

3.2.8 Voting

3.2.9 Military Leave

3.2.10 Maternity Leave

3.2.11 Parental Leave

3.2.12 Leave of Absence

3.3 Insurance

3.3.1 Hospitalization and Medical Insurance

3.3.2 Continuation of Group Health Insurance

3.3.3 Life Insurance

3.3.4 Long Term Disability Insurance

3.3.5 Social Security

3.3.6 Workers' Compensation

3.3.7 Unemployment Compensation

3.4 Savings Plan

3.5 Break Room

3.6 Employee Discounts

3.7 Educational Assistance


4.1 Work Schedules

4.1.1 Working Hours

4.1.2 Salary Employees

4.1.3 Hourly Employees

4.1.4 Clean Work-Place

4.2 Legal & Ethical Conduct

4.2.1 Ethical Standards

4.2.2 Conflicts of Interest

4.2.3 Personal Conduct

4.2.4 Confidentiality

4.2.5 Bribes, Kickbacks and Illegal Payments

4.2.6 Patents and Copyrights

4.3 Misconduct

4.3.1 Serious Misconduct

4.3.2 Very Serious Misconduct

4.3.3 Inexcusable Misconduct

4.3.3 Misconduct Investigations

4.4 Transportation & Travel

4.4.1 Company Owned Vehicles

4.4.2 Personal Vehicles

4.4.3 Living Expense Allowance

4.4.4 Other Travel Expenses

4.4.5 Expense Records

4.4.6 Travel Advances

4.4.7 Expense Reimbursement – Third Party

4.4.8 Expense Policies – Violations

4.4.9 Company Credit Cards

4.5 Appearance & Belongings

4.5.1 Personal Appearance

4.5.2 Business Attire

4.5.3 Casual Attire

4.5.4 Inappropriate Attire

4.5.5 Personal Belongings

4.5.6 Alcohol and Drugs

4.5.7 Medication

4.5.8 Smoking Policy

4.6 Equipment & Facilities

4.6.1 Parking

4.6.2 Telephone Use

4.6.3 Motor Vehicle and Workplace Equipment Operation

4.6.4 Safety Equipment

4.6.5 Company Tools

4.6.6 Waste Prevention

4.6.7 Solicitation and/or Distribution

4.6.8 Security

4.6.9 Bulletin Board


Acknowledgement Of Receipt And Understanding

Statement Of Legal And Ethical Business Conduct

Drug-Free Workplace Policy Employee Acknowledgement

Job Related Accident



HR MANUAL is the total guidelines for the managers in the

organization on the subject of HUMAN RESOURCE.

The real work of managing people [ human resource] is the

responsibility of the line managers. The HR department

acts as a coordinator / advisory body to the line managers,

in addition to, its own administrative work.

Employee handbook is a major element of the HR manual.

It is part of the HR MANUAL.

The copy of HR MANUAL [ including the employee handbook]

is given to the managers only.

The copy of the EMPLOYEE handbook is given to the



The TOTAL HR MANUAL development is a never ending

assignment. It needs updating every six months.

At the initial stage, it could take upto six months at least

to complete the manual/ handbook for a full time person,

even if you employ an outside expert.

Once you have downloaded HR manual list, you should

sit with your boss

-analyse the list

-set the priority [ 1st. lot, 2nd. lot, 3rd. lot etc ]

-discuss the need for HO material, to uniform the approach

-discuss the need for local expert


----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Your priorities could be [ my best guess]

-personnel records

-various forms required

-access control

-workplace rules

-employee hiring

-job descriptions

-employment applications

-interviewing applicants

-payroll administration

-training [ induction / orientation/development]

-employee handbook

You/ Your boss should agree to the priority list.






Hope this solves your query!

From India, Delhi
hiiiiiiii all special thanx to saurabh,deepali n rekha.........thanx a lot ur every saying is useful n learning too............... rAAshi
From India, Delhi
Human resources is always there in any company. All we need to have is management process whereby the mentioned workforces have to be organized, mobilized to operational and objective levels, maintained, developed, and controlled. It is commonly called human resources management (HRM).
Establishing an HRM is an administrative work. When a key officer assigned to organize human resources, to set the nature of performance, to initiated personnel development, and to evaluate performance, HRM begins.

From Philippines
hi Woooowwwww xcellent description, good passion to describe the HR techniques. iam also a fresh HR person. Regards chamathu
From United States, Cambridge
Hi Raashi,
The concepts posted by my fellow cite HR members are advisable but I would say please dont mug up too much at a shot. Being a manufacturing company, don't expect fastest implementation of HR policies and systems at one shot.
Also please keep in mind that you are going to handle people processes.
Also before implementing new policies and systems discuss with line managers and get approval from the core management team. Also please note that the policies should be for mutually beneficial and shouldn't be mere 'policing' stuff.
So first list out policies/systems to be implemented in order to achieve corporate objectives ( it is better to plan it for the next 12 months)
Feel free to get back to the forum for any further clarifications
best of luck

From India, Bangalore

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