we are looking for someone who needs to type the document of each and every role of the employees in our office. Also I just want to know the job title of that documentation person.
From India, Chennai
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Your post is very ambiguous and it is impossible to understand exactly what it is you are asking.

If you are looking for a person to define the duties of each role in your organisation and codify that into a job description document, then you may be better to outsource that task to a specialist HR consultant.

In the ordinary course of events, it is simply a HR function, and would be done by one or more of the HR team members. There is no special designation for such a job as far as I am aware.

However, if you are seeking ISO 9002 Quality Management Certification, which requires this sort of documentation, then definitely that needs to be outsourced to a fully accredited ISO 9002 quality specialist.

From Australia, Melbourne

Yes. Posting is quite vague, perhaps the person who has posted does not have any knowledge about role of HR in an organisation. He is perhaps referring to the role of an HR Consultant like me. He is referring to Job Description of each role for his organisation. He can get in touch with me. I have done JDs for several organisations in my ten year role as an HR Consultant and Trainer.

Best wishes

From India
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