Hi, Earlier in this month I had a job interview with a not-so-big firm in my industry and it went great. They said I would receive an offer within a week or so. I received an HR call the next day that I am selected, we discussed the salary expectations she said she'll discuss it with management and they would like to share an offer with me within this week. i waited for the whole week no response. After 2 weeks they asked if I can join within a month when I had already discussed with the interviewer and hr that I am on notice period which ends in Sept and can only join on Oct 3rd. they again said they'll discuss it and let me know.

The month is going to end yet I have not received any response. I have been asking for updates every Monday and it now seems bothersome to me. I have also asked them if they are going to reject me they should just say that for my mental peace. I am not in need of the offer as I do have another offer but I also need to accept that by end of this week. What should I do?

From India, Baddi
Dinesh Divekar
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

When a vacancy is created or a post is required to be filled owing to the exit of an employee, management must apply their mind and then start conducting an interview. If a company selects a candidate but plays coy in the issue of the offer letter, then it shows that something is amiss. There could be some internal disturbance or disorder. There was no reason to hold the issue of the offer for weeks together.

The management must demonstrate firmness in taking actions or decisions. Does the indecisiveness reflect their company's culture? What we notice here is fickleness. In view of this, whether to join such a company or not is a call you need to take!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

When you say that you already have an offer letter why do you wait for this company's letter. Do you know the biggest challenge for recruiters these days ? Candidates demand offer letter and at the last minute, they do not even respond to our phone calls. We get to know that they join somewhere else. They hold four offer letters, make a comparison and their main focus is CTC only. They do not focus on learning, skill and competency building, etc. Do job hopping and end up with a fat salary in 10 years. What answer do you have for this. By your own admittance you said that you already have an offer letter !
From India
@N.K. Sundaram Sir, I admit i have another offer letter and this is not because of the fact that i want to collect them. Recently my father had health problems which lead me to look for a job near my hometown, i had given interviews wherever i could find a vacancy in my related field. I have not yet accepted the offer letter yet from the second place because i wanted to decide for the pros and cons of joining both companies before making a big decision in my career. And to be fair and honest a person is working for money only. Obviously one would compare CTCs to earn more, what use is of a job where i am not earning enough to be even be able to provide to my family. If candidates are job hopping thats not beacuse they want to but because HRs hire them on the lowest range without giving a thought of how much one can struggle. Also if a candidate is not informing that they have joined somewhere else, there are also HRs who do not inform candidates if they had been rejected making them wait weeks if not months waiting for a response.
From India, Baddi

I am not clear what you are trying to ask in the post.

You were promised a job and then the company has not bothered to give a firm answer
You already have another offer which you have not accepted.

The decision needs to be made by you on whether you want to wait or which one makes more sense. How can a third party, who is neither a participant in the decision or understands the circumstances, be able to make (or help make) the decision?

What are you actually asking?

From India, Mumbai
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