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The aging workforce in a manufacturing industry causes restricted deployment where many workers cant do heavy jobs. Is there any alternative model for VRS that a manufacturing company can offer its aging union workers for an exit route?
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How to get rid off aging workforce whose restrictive productiviy being a cocern for the employer.
The following steps other tahn VRS may be implemented
Identify the debilitated /infirm/deadwood workmen and refer them for a medical examination to find out their medical fitness/validation to continue in the work .'
Threre are possibly old workmen /chronically sick workmen whose continuouation in employmnet may be risky and they may be targetted.
Those wokrmen who have not furnished documentry proof for date of birth may also be referred to Medical examination for clinically finding their approximate age and the Medical officer can issue a certificate mentiong therein the approxmate age ( (say if the age of the workmen is higher than the age of suerannuation as prescribed under the comapny's certified standing orders ),they may be superannuated from service.
It is cmmon a practice in old establishments many workmen do not furnish documentray proof like School certificate or any valid record at the time of joining and the management accepts oral testimony of age and get it recorded .Ironically some of these workmen may be sextagenerian or septaugenerian and continue in employmnet detrimental to company's overall produtivity beisdes being vulnerable to fatal accidents .

These people can be easily exited for way of following actionpans;

A Meidical examination could be conducted either by Factory Medicall offficer (if authourised under certified standing orders )or Government District Medical officer as the case may be and letter of discharge be isssued (once they are certified and clinically estimated to be at over 60 years of age .

The dischareg letter should be carefully worded ........Due to continued ill health a necessary ingredient pharse in the case of medically unfit/invalidated workmen, whereas in the case of aged workmen, .....As you have surpassed the age of supeannuation , you are hereby relived from the company's services ,..........etc etc
There is yet another category of workmen who are middle aged ,medically stable but lazy and unproductive/deadwood... These workmen may be discharged from service by paying wages/slaries equivalant to such months as prescribed in employmnet contrcat/appointment letter for temrination of service in lieu of notice period. This is called discharge simplicitor.

All these legally tenable approaches can be tried.

In a unionised environment, the Union may strongly protest /resisist such a move and may incite workmen to stage a GO SLow/Stay in strike and other restrictive practices.

The managment/employer should successfully handle such IR issues with conviction. Apart from the above the employer can initiate disciplinary action againsst workmen for low productivity/under production/malingering idleness etc so as build records for ultimate termination.

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