Dear respected community members,
Our school is planning on offering our teachers health insurance. I wanted to ask all of you a few questions.
Should we offer the health insurance only to teachers who have worked here for 2+ year as an incentive/reward for staying with us.
Or should we offer to everyone, new joinees included, as part of their compensation.
Please keep in mind we are a relative new school in a semi rural location but we are striving to develop a health work environment which is employee friendly. Also most private schools in our region do not offer this benefit.
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
kind regards,
Mr Phuntsog Pulger

From India, Gangtok
Partner - Risk Management
Doctor Siva Global Hr


Dear Colleague,
In the modern day HR Practice " Employee Wellbeing" is an important pillar to focus and strength. Our sincere appreciations to you and to your Organization for this fine idea where many Business Organizations are still not thinking in this direction yet. Keep it up!!!

Coming to this specific point you will agree that " Health and Wellbeing " is a common subject which is applicable to every one. It may not be selective based on any variable like experience, age etc. More the age, more the health complications are. Many views may come from different thoughts and different persons. But the view is that if you operate the Health Insurance based on Age it will be more appropriate. The cover may be based on age. Lesser age - Lesser coverage limit / More the age- more coverage. But make this as Contributory from the beginning that 50% of premium to be borne by the Employees and 50% premium by the organization so that it will be really felt by the employees. In my view anything Free - will not be valued. Kindly make it as individual responsibility so that one will take health Insurance Policy and then get the premium reimbursed at 50% (of the Coverage limits specified in a SOP or Policy created by the organization) from the organization etc. This will go for long run.

From India, Chennai
Thank you Dr Sivakumar for your kind words and valuable insight. I agree with your assessment. However, can you please elaborate on this - "Kindly make it as individual responsibility so that one will take health Insurance Policy and then get the premium reimbursed at 50% (of the Coverage limits specified in a SOP or Policy created by the organization) from the organization etc. This will go for long run."

Are you suggesting that the school reimburse 50% of the premium of already existing policy and not issue a brand new insurance from the school side?

From India, Gangtok

Dear Colleague,
The idea suggested is to have an SOP or a Policy in place. It may be a Contributory system where in both the school and employees jointly takes ownership on the Employee Wellbeing.

A) The SOP/Policy may address that the existing Health Insurance Policy or any New Policy that might be taken with prior approval of the School Management, then the 50% percent of the expenses of Insurance Premium may be reimbursed subject to a maximum of ........XYZ.

B) (Or) you can also go with a Brand New Policy for the employees where in you will have benefits of Corporate discounts / Relaxations possible and the premium at 50% will be borne by the School and remaining 50% premium cost will be recoverable from employees. This will make joint ownership and will go for long run.

Going for option A or B is purely your prerogative in consultation with School Management and as per your own wisdom. What is mentioned is only suggestion

The key point is that Not to give "free system" ( full cost of premium by Management) which may affect the system in the long run which we experience in many past organizations. You may also give help-lines for any assistance for medical help and other to the employees and all coordination should be by the employees directly with Insurance Company and son on.

If this is implemented to only part of employees based on Experience as an Incentive or Reward, then it will lead to grievances to other Teaching or Non- Teaching Staff in the short/ mid run and the good move will face challenges.

Hope this clarifies.

From India, Chennai

You have 2 main options.
First is to take a group mediclaim policy, which is cheaper, but the policy is applicable only for those who are working in your school and loses effect once they leave. Some organisations extend the coverage after retirement on superannuation.

The other option is to let each person take his own policy and reimburse full or part of the amount of the premium. That way, they get to keep the policy if they leave, which is important for many people as few employees today look for permanent employment till retirement. However, your cost and admin efforts will be higher.

how much coverage to give, whether it will be to all or only seniors, is a call that your management needs to take. It makes sense to cover all the employees as they are working for you and therefore, you want them to benefit.

From India, Mumbai
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