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Hello sir Namaste, In my school I found a teacher teaching a subject that is very casual with students in teaching concepts. That is most of the students are not able to understand the concepts. He has a rude way of answering every question asked by students. Now students are very afraid to study that subject. Please help me to give him advise through a letter so that he can understand his mistake.
From India
Dinesh Divekar

Dear AES,

Before giving written feedback, you need to give him verbal feedback. Let some senior call him in the room and let him be given feedback in private. Written feedback should follow a personal meeting.

In the personal meeting, the teacher should be told that it is development feedback. He should be told that it is his duty to improve the motivate the students to learn or take interest in learning. He is a learning facilitator and cannot kill the spirit of learning amongst the students. Before giving the development feedback the meeting should be well planned. The points for the planning could be as below:

a) Opening the meeting
b) Moving towards the main subject
c) Discussion on the main subject
d) Discussion on the development needs of the teacher
e) Obtaining the agreement from the teacher on the improvement and what would be the date to improve

The meeting should end on a positive note and the senior who is giving feedback should ensure that the motivation level of a teacher does not go down because of the feedback.

Follow the above method and come back with the draft of the written letter. Some senior like me will correct it.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Aes. I checked your profile and it does not provide any details about your background. Kindly let us know in what capacity you intend to give feedback to the teacher?
From United Kingdom

Give a memo saying that the method of teaching is not acceptable to the students and that you have received complaints from the students and parents that you do not follow the correct method of teaching. And you can also say that he is expected to be polite in answering to the queries raised by the students whereas he has been very casual in approach. Ask him to show cause why action should not be taken against him. Give him 3 days time and let him say whatever he has to say. if you have not given a proper way to be followed in delivering the sessions, give him an opportunity by means of an inservice course and see how he improves himself and then take a call.
From India, Kannur

Dear Colleague,
Teaching is a noble profession as all of us know. It is an Art that every one can not be a Teacher unless they have the required SAIL:

Skill + Attitude + Intelligence( In new /innovative teaching methods)+ Love ( loving the Children / students) - SAIL

No doubt a Teacher can not be rude and if continues the teacher is not suitable for this noble profession.

Kindly try to understand where the problem arise in the Teacher:

1. If the Teacher is lack in Skills on the subjects or skills on the innovative thinking and reaching the students or lack of good communication and so on. The skill gap can be identified and addressed through a good intervention like a Medium and Long term Development Program for developing the Teacher provided the teacher possess other requirements of SAIL

2. If the gap is in the Intelligence to bring innovation in Teaching, then focus to be given on imparting the required skills on Teaching Technology / Teaching Methodology with proper intervention

3. If the gap is on " Attitude" aspect or on lack of "Connect and Affection" towards students, then it is a serious aspect to be dealt directly. Either to take Disciplinary Action or Put the teacher into a serious Behavioral Sensitivity Program may result in some positive actions. If still not changing then it is advisable that such persons to look for other jobs and not Teaching

Take Care
Doctor Siva Global HR
Tamil Nadu

From India, Chennai
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleague,

Well, certainly , it is needed to bring to the notice of the concerned teacher his casual approach to teaching, not clearing concepts and rude way of answering students' queries. This ,however , is skilled tight-rope walking exercise. In receiving this negative feedback, the teacher may become defensive and may deny or justify his conduct. Therefore, only person at the level of the Principal, should give him this feedback in one to one meeting by putting forward facts of specific acts/ incidents in regard to the undesirable behaviour. It also needs to be conyed to him that the purpose of the feedback is to make him aware and bring about desired improvement within say a month. Also get his participation in working out specific plan of action as to how this change can be brought about within specified time-frame to make him feel committed and accoutable for the direction of the change.

Further, his behaviour , following this meeting , needs to monitored by assigned mentor. The mentor will give timely feedback like if desired change is seen to be taking place, the same needs to be appreciated. If not, what corrective action is needed to move in the direction by inviting the teacher's participation, has to be worked out by both together.

This is, however, easily said than done. But with skillful blend of timely appreciation and fear of reprimand in the follow- up interventions may work towards desired change.


Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai

Dear colleagues,
I wish share a few things. Having a flair & love for teaching I was teaching from LKG to PG classes in the last 3-4 decades, in night schools, pvt. & govt.aided colleges and in administration as the Secretary cum Correspondent of 13 primary to high schools for a decade. In this journey I have noticed gradual change in attitudes of both students & teachers alike. When I have experienced alarming behavioral change in students' attitude it's no better in that of teachers as well. I wish teachers have to adopt different styles, aptitude, focus, methods of teaching etc to suit the mindset of recent days students in general. There could be few exceptions to it on the plea the tradition, culture, mission and track record of renowned institutions where there won't much of difficulties in managing students' attitudes towards methods of teaching per se. Same is not the case in other institutions, either pvt. or govt. run institutions where role of teachers/lecturers usually tough and always wanting. Few teachers/lecturers only could excel in these institutions by their own, self acquired skills and teaching methods. Most of govt.institutions are preferred by students & parents for their cheap fee structures (except for professional institutions, many offer free tuition, or lesser/nominal charges). I found, in no way they are inferior to faculties of their counterpart in pvt. where the general behaviour of students comparatively said to be soft. It's twin edged sword.
I don't want to comment on the issue without knowing what is true, who is right or wrong. The impression gained as in the query, could be a view/ appraisal from one side. I am not aware whether a class room appraisal by other faculty was available in this case to take a view. As such, I have nothing more to add in the posts of our learned colleagues on the current query though there could be more than one option.

From India, Bangalore

Dear friends, In this context, I wish to share my own experience, it was in 2015-2017 batch, I was allotted to handle Management Accountancy to MBA-1st Sem.students apart from M.Com. There, all streams combined, Engineers, Science, BCAs, BCSs, BBAs and B.Com. graduates. A handful of employed (part-time), students as well. It was co-ed & full time course. During the first few classes I could gather those non-commerce students didnít know basics of Commerce & Accountancy. I thought atleast I should teach, to start with, debit & credit, journal entries, cash book, ledgers, trial balance, Profit & Loss a/c, balance sheet and then to other tools for Management Accounting and move on to the syllabus. After a few classes, my HOD called me and discussed about my approach and advised me please forget about whether they know the basic concepts and stick to only what is as per syllabus prescribed. Then I came to know many students from science streams met the HOD and complained that I went on teaching whatís not in the syllabus. I realised that learning the right thing & in right way is not the need of the hour but syllabus. Later I changed to sticking to syllabus cursing/curbing myself. Surprisingly, there was 100% pass. Mind you in the job market, MBA (Finance) considered to be equivalent to CAs and my students without basics known going to seek jobs meant for CAs. I wonder, what shall I say?
From India, Bangalore
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