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Hello, Terribly I want to know that am I the only one who is facing the problem with recruitment. or other HR also facing the same problem.
From India, Ahmedabad
Doctor Siva Global Hr
Management Consultancy
Workplace Assessment And Training


Problems are there everywhere and in every facet of HR function, that is why HR professionals are appointed. There is no need to feel being damned. As HR Pro., you should be spreading cheer and positive vibes around.
From India, Mumbai

Dear Colleague,

The most difficult and Challenging part in HR as far as my experience goes in the last 3 decades is Talent Acquisition and Industrial Relations. Initially I saw it as Problem like you but later I tuned my self as Challenge and looked very positive.

In this TA is depending on the Brand Value of Employer, Competitive CTC, Growth Opportunity, Meaning in Job Role, Work Life Balance and what type of market news about the company and so many other factors which the TA Lead has to face and overcome. Within this structure of Challenges one has to perform - Attract CVs- Bring them for Screening- Conduct Interview- Issue Offer- On Boarding successfully. Each TA is like how mother is giving birth to child ...that much painful only. Unless we have aggressive TA Consultants working for us, The factors about the Organization / Employer mentioned above are conducive the ground is tough everywhere and similar challenge is experienced by many TA Leads in different organizations. It is not the time bound job but 24X7 focus job where lot of back work is needed constantly and every successful on-boarding is a great effort of the TA lead that too within the given TAT of TA.

But is not a big deal to over come and slowly we need to strengthen the Process of TA with clear focus points like good TA Consulting Partners to work with us, how we communicate about our organization, what CTC we offer, What growth possibilities available and so many factors need to be strengthened and slowly the job will be an art and will become just like having cup of coffee in your later career part.

The moment you feel the challenge, you will definitely have your own style of TA and you will become successful. It took 10 years for me to become master of TA but you with your vigour and enthusiasm you will do it within much shorter time span.

All the Best, God Bless
Doctor Siva Global HR
Tamil Nadu

From India, Chennai

What problem are you facing? You have not explained or given details of the exact problem you have with recruitment. No-one can offer advice if you do not explain.

If you cannot attract staff, then you need to look at your organisation. Why are people leaving. What is wrong with your organisation that people don't want to work for you. Those problems have to be solved first.

If it is recruitment, then that is a whole other ball game. I find recruitment processes very strange in India, and hence a high rate of attrition. Do a search on my name as I have made many posts on the subject of recruitment and my simple guide on how to do it.

From Australia, Melbourne
I Have 5+ Years of experience into HR professional with IT firm but never face problems in HIRING Process, but after pandemic scenario has been changed a lot.

-We offered according their expectation but Candidates are not join
- We are offered them to do work from home
-No Bond policy

We try to every possible way to attract candidates join but results comes to zero.

I could not understand where is the problem?, where I am lacking.

From India, Ahmedabad
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