Amit Aind
Hi All, As an employer could anyone suggest how to deal with Glassdoor negative reviews, we are an MNC.
From India, Faridabad
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Amit,

Whether MNC or otherwise, Glassdoor negative reviews is a common feature for almost all prominent companies. But then why is your company worried about it? Notwithstanding the negative reviews, most of the companies are growing and attracting candidates too! When checked, I found a few adverse (but not necessarily negative) comments against even Google India too!

Nevertheless, negative reviews could make a negative influence on the minds of job candidates. Therefore, the following is suggested to overcome negative reviews:

a) Negative reviews reflect the mindset of the current as well as the former employees. However, it is also a reflection of the company's culture. Therefore, let all the HODs brainstorm on which part of the company's culture needs an uplift. If HODs know the flaw then why to ask the employees.

b) You may conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). While conducting the ESS, do not adopt the standard approach. Rather design the questions based on the negative reviews. This will help to understand whether the negative reviews have a backing of other employees as well. However, after conducting an ESS, you need to make an action plan to make the required changes as well.

c) Contact ex-employees and take their feedback on the improvement of the company's culture.

d) Work can be done on all the above points provided you have the support of the top management. In many MNCs, the top boss is absolutely coercive and people just work for the sake of money. With such bosses at the top, eradication of the negative reviews will be almost impossible.

e) Because of my exposure in the field of training, I have observed that the work culture of a few MNCs is just like some Indian Lala company. I did not notice anything like MNC in them. These MNCs live with this travesty and unless this travesty is eradicated, it will not be possible to stop negative reviews from coming up in the public forum like Glassdoor.

Final Comments: - This is a straightforward observation. You have raised a post on a sensitive issue of negative reviews on the public forum. Nevertheless, you have not given sufficient background information like the nature of your industry, whether any analysis of the negative reviews was done, whether any action was taken on the analysis, what is your designation, whether you have been given this project to handle or it is just your idle intellectual curiosity and so on. Yours is just an 18-word post written casually. With this kind of casual approach, will you be able to fix the sensitive issue of negative reviews? By your unmethodical approach, members of this forum will not get surprised by the negative reviews for your company. Your post symbolises what your company is!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Please elaborate bature and subject of negative review. What is the review and reason or basis for such remarks. Analyse and introspect Communicate with employees and get anonymous feedback
From India, Pune
Sandhya Arya

Hello Amit,

This is a fact that you cannot please everyone. But, Negative reviews bothers everyone whether one is at the top management level of a MNC or a small Company.

I think the right person can come to you even if there are a lot of negative reviews on glassdoor because the right person or the candidate would always try to search for the truth and never reject your Company just by looking at the negative reviews.

As, he can understand that there are always two sides of a coin.

If I talk about, how to deal with such negative reviews then below are some points-

1. Try to ask your employees from time to time if there is any possibility of improvement.

2. Try to help not even your employees but the prospective employees who is approaching you, if he faces any problem in hiring process.

3. Hire those managers who are empathetic. This will help a lot.

4. Conduct a survey every year about your work culture and try to find out, how much your employees are happy to work in your Company.

5. Grievance handling should be made more and more effective.

These are some of the suggestions from my side. Hope it helps.

From India, Ludhiana

It would be better if you explain what type of negative comments are there, and how true the comments are.
I believe Glassdoor also allows you as the employer to respond to the comments. Have you responded.
Also as Divekar ji has pointed out, have you reached out to the former employees who have posted comments to find out what actually went wrong?

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Kemonachhe Saswataji? Nice to see you back after a hiatus of two years! Really happy to see you back! Hope you continue to contribute to this forum. Regards, Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Respond to any Glassdoor feedback regarding your business, even if they are critical. This would allow you to hold the negative at bay while still allowing you to strengthen your bid to potential work seekers if possible. This also offers you an advantage in terms of being informed on what's going on in the world, and work applicants will notice that you're engaged and involved in learning about their desires and concerns.
From Bangladesh ,
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