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As there is nothing to be cured about introversion but yes they should strike a balance with some of the modifications and the areas of improvement which in turn can benefit them. Please comment !!!!
From India, Mohali
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear Girafe,
Your post starts with a sentence, "As there is nothing to be cured about introversion..." What do you say that there is nothing to be cured about introversion? Do you believe that introversion is an incurable disease? But then introversion is not a disease itself. Introversion or extroversion is the personality trait and a person will have either of the dominant traits.
Please provide with us the context of your post. Your post is too brief and it does not say anything whether you are a student or a professional and why have you raised this post.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
Is Introversion a negative trait only for Corporate culture? Is it that an introvert will not perform? If one is okay in performing his duties as an employee what is wrong if he is an introvert? Do you think that a Corporate culture means a culture where people will have lots of blaa blaa and talk a lot?
From India, Kannur

HR Manager
While I fully endorse the view of Mr. TK Madhu, would like to supplement that an
introvert has more potential than an extrovert for performing a job.
Have seen lot of such employees who are introvert but are efficient or rather effective
in job performance. They are self disciplined.

From India, Aizawl

Insolvency n GST Professional
Introvert means a shy and reticent person.

Much against popular belief, not all introvert persons are shy, soft-spoken, and socially awkward. In fact, some introverted personality types boast excellent social skills and form rich relationships — they just prefer not to put as much energy into social interaction, or simply desire more alone time to rest and recharge.

As a matter of reality

Introverts thrive in professions that offer them plenty of space and independence and deep thinking/planning etc

Most introverts perform very well in workplaces with fewer external distractions.

Good jobs for introverts i feel are in accounting, engineering, and technical writing.

Working does not mean you have to be talking and interacting all the time.Mostly a reasonably silent person will do better, because by being to extroverted, one can run the risk of over talking or over activeness.

Nothing wrong with being an introvert in a many cases it proves to be a good thing.

From India, Pune
Nagarkar Vinayak L

HR and Employee Relations Consultant
Dear colleague,

This is further to what Mr Natharao has aptly brought out certain aspects of these two broad types - introvert and extrovert.

There are no sharp lines to suggest that some people are introvert and some others extrovert.These personality type is not absolute but exists upon a spectrum.

The behavioural traits which come to become distinct in both are acquired in the process of upbringing.There are critical strengths and weaknesses commonly associated with each type.Both introvert and extrovert, have roles suitable for their characteristics.

This dichotomy of introvert Vs extrovert is outdated creation and does not hold water when it comes to their fitment in the corporate culture. Personality traits exist along a continuam and vast majority fall in between.

Considering distinct and seemingly opposite traits come to be displayed by introvert and extrovert, each type has an edge over other to perform and succeed in a given role.

For instance, introverts may make better employees as software engineers whereas extrovert may be better suited as sales person. It is for managers to find right role for right skillset. In another study, introvert CEO s have outperformed companies ran by extroverts.

In fact some studies have revealed that Ambiverts ( mix of both introvert and extrovert traits) who form vast majority (2/3) of the people are relatively more successful on the job as they have displayed greater flexibility and adaptibility. A study of 340 call centre employees for three months established this.

While introverts and extroverts have their place in corporate world for specific roles, it is people with ambivert traits( best of both types) are far more preferable for several leadership/ managerial roles.


Vinayak Nagarkar

HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Sandhya Arya

HR Specialist
Dear Girafe,
I do not agree much with the sentence that "there is nothing to be cured about introversion" as the word cure is mostly used for an illness but Introversion is a personality trait not an illness.
Also, I am also an Introvert person and most of the people says, when I told them that I am an HR professional and then they ask how could you be an HR? Because there is a perception that HRs are always extroverts.
So, you can easily understand that it's very important for an HR to adjust with the culture of the Company.
The Introverts just need support of their fellow colleagues so that they do not feel left out and you will see that he/she will soon adjust in the environment of the Company.
The difference between an Introvert and Extrovert is just that an Introvert is happy with himself/ herself and Extroverts share their happiness with others.

From India, Ludhiana
Manager - Accounts & Finance
Introversion is a natural state of being and this is not abnormal. Its just that these peoples are less in numbers then extroverts in the worlds making them look like special cases.
We should not be judging a fish from its ability to climb a tree. Right ?

From India, Guwahati
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Head H.R &Training
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