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Hi All please help on the below.

The Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation, India is responsible for coordinating the social security systems.

1) Can you give us a brief overview of the healthcare system in India/social security?

2) Employer's contribution: 13% of the basic salary which covers xxxxx

Employee's contribution: 12% of the basic salary which covers xxxxx

Total: xxxxx Total: xxxxx

Market practice is that this depends on the seniority of the employee with 60 days for more senior employees and 30 days for junior employees.

3) How do we distinguish between senior and junior? Is it based on salary? Or whether a Manager etc?

4) (Sickness) What is the employee entitled to? Any rules?

Paid Time Off

Special occasion leaves No of days

Marriage Leave

Child Birth Leave (for the father)

Maternity Leave

Parental Leave

Funeral Leave for immediate family members

What is the employee entitled to in India?



General practice is to compensate for the notice period plus a severance of 1 or 2 months’ pay.

How easy/difficult is it to terminate employment in India?


Holiday Entitelment:

In accordance with local law, employees are entitled to 27 days in a year which includes :

• Earned leave of 15 days (1.25 per month) and

• 12 casual leaves (1 per month)

In addition, there are also 10 public/festive holidays calendar announce by the client. What does this mean?


Public Holidays:

In India, people from various religions co-exist together and therefore holidays are determined according to either the Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Islamic faith.

What can we say about these?


Holiday Carryforward:

Can the earned leave and casual leave be carried forward to the next year?


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